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Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

I love for my nails to look nice, but I hate to use nail polish on a regular basis since not only does it stain my nails but it also chips off and looks terrible after a day or two. Luckily, I was sent a half sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps for reviewing purposes. 

Product Details
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Can be used on artificial nails
  • Can't damage natural nails
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks on fingers
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks on toes
  • Over 300 designs
  • No dry time
  • No chips
  • Gluten-free
  • Latex free
  • Non-toxic
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • NEVER animal tested
  • Can be easily applied in a salon or at home
  • Cheaper than going to a salon
The story of Jamberry Nails begins with three sisters who possess distinct personal tastes, but share a love for style. After an expensive afternoon together at the nail salon, Lyndsey, Christy and Keri vowed to find a simpler, more cost effective way to keep their hands looking polished, while still spending time together. 
Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! Gone are the days of the single colored manicure. Gone are the mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash too! Jamberry nail wraps arm you with style and confidence while demanding very little of your time or money. 
-(This was taken directly from their webpage)

My Thoughts On These Nail Wraps

I've tried something similar in the past, but those were a different process. With those I only had to trim to my nail size and stick on. They were easy to use but didn't last too long and they had a chemical scent.
With Jamberry Nail Wraps, there are a few easy steps to follow in order to apply properly. There's also no chemical scent since, as stated above, they are non-toxic, chemical free, and formaldehyde-free!  
Of course I love the sound of that!

I washed my hands.
I cleaned my nails with nail polish remover.
I cut and filed my nails to where I wanted them.
I buffed my nails, cleaned again with nail polish remover, and pushed back my cuticles.

(I received a half sheet of grey and black striped nail wraps)

I matched my first nail to a nail shield that fit best. 
I peeled the nail shield off of the sheet and warm with my blowdryer for 10-15 seconds until it became softer and more flexible.
While still warm, I pressed it onto my nail with firm pressure so that it would adhere to my nail properly. 
Then, I trimmed it down to size with a pair of scissors.

After this, I filed the now shorter shield (in a downward motion) to remove whatever was leftover. 
I used my blow dryer on warm, so as not to burn my hand, and heated it, while pressing down again on my nail. (This is to make sure it is sealed well on your nail.)

For complete instructions on how to apply Jamberry Nail Wraps, Click Here.

This is a picture of my left hand after I followed these steps on every nail.
I love the cute black and grey stripes! 

Although I was only sent a half sheet of these wraps I was able to use the entire half sheet by cutting them each to a size that matched every single one of my fingernails and toenails. 
 I absolutely love how easy it is to apply them, although there are a few more steps than I was previously used to. 
 I visited their website and viewed their other wraps available, and they have a really pretty variety that you can choose from. (OVER 300!)  A few of those designs include french tips, holiday wraps, animal prints, sports and hobbies, charity picks, a variety of patterns and colors, metallics, solids, and the list goes on and on. You can match them with your outfits if you wanted to. 
They even have hand and nail care products and kits, as well as gift certificates available. They even sell a special mini nail heater that you can use for heating the nail wraps instead of your blowdryer, like I used.
I think that these are great for parties, special occasions, or even just because.
They are safe to use and don't cost nearly as much as a trip to the nail salon. They also aren't damaging to your nails like nail polish and many of the chemicals used on certain nail products can be.

Can I Remove Them If I No Longer Want To Wear Them?
There are 2 fairly easy removal methods available:
QUICK REMOVAL PROCESS- You can heat them with your blow dryer for 15 secs. Then you break the seal and peel away.
If this doesn't work, or if they've been on for longer than 10 days, there is a GENTLE REMOVAL PROCESS- Soak your wrapped nails in nail polish remover for 20-30 secs and gently rub them off.

How Long Do They Really Last?
Well, they supposedly can last on your hands for up to 2 weeks if you apply them exactly as the steps say to. The site says that if you apply them and they are coming off, you might not have applied them exactly as directed. I followed every direction, but I was entertaining family and had to do a lot of cleaning and had my hands in water constantly. Only one of the wraps' edges is slightly lifted on my fingernail. All of my other finger wraps survived. I would have to say that they do appear to create a waterproof seal and can withstand some dish washing and cleaning. 
You see, with nail polish, it would have already chipped off  and looked awful. Yet another reason why I don't like using nail polish on my fingernails.
My fingernails are still looking good right now. It has been 2 days. My toenails got wet when I was showering and washing my feet last night and this morning and have not lifted at all. 
I will be post an update the day these wraps start to really peel off. 

There's a lot to love about Jamberry Nail Wraps and I would really like to try more of these in the future! 

You can also connect with Jamberry:

**Disclaimer: I was sent a free half sheet of nails in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.**

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