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Colors of Awakening by O.N. Gandelman Book Review

I just finished reading the book, Colors of Awakening: Into the Mists, which is book 1 in a series of books. I was pretty interested in this book after having read the synopsis.

Title: Colors of Awakening: Into The Mists (book 1)
Author: O.N. Gandelman
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Audience: Teen/young adult


“Have you ever felt like you knew what was going to happen?"
Have you ever felt like you were seeing something that was not supposed to be there? ...Have you ever felt different? Terribly different?”

"My beautiful girls, you are witches.”

In those few words, Kate Collins’ world- along with that of her two best friends- Sophie Lolens and Alexa Peters, collapses.

With their lives on the balance, the girls are transported to a magical world that coexists with our own " The Mists". There they learn the truth that was hidden from them all of their lives, and about the destiny that patiently awaited their arrival.

Like a snow ball that begins its roll innocently enough, the girls are rapidly carried from a colorful fairytale into the twisted corridors of a dark story, filled with cobwebs, intrigue, secrets and lies, all converging together under the growing shadow of an awakening war in that magical world.

The snow ball won’t stop until the girls reach the point of no return, where love and family will be on the balance and death on the other hand of the scale.

My Opinion on This Book

What initially drew me toward the book was the fact that the girls were witches. I love stories about witches. :)

After reading a few pages, I was a little confused by the beginning. I didn't really get what was going on or how the story was going to progress. I was skeptical that I was even going to like it.
Luckily, I continued reading and you know what? I ended up really enjoying it. It all made more sense.

Three young girls are living what they believe is their normal lives, until a few unexpected events occur and they begin to learn the truth about themselves. They are taken to a completely different world filled with a ton of magical beings. They are forced to continue living their lives in a world that they never knew existed.
Their journey is full of so many surprises, till the very end.

This book reminds me of a Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, House of Night mix. There's a plethora of fantastical characters blended into the story- witches, fairies, centaurs, vampires, and more. There's magic, there's war, there's drama and action. The story was indeed well developed and all together fun to get into.
Although it seems more geared toward a young teen/young adult audience, I think it's a good read for just about anybody. No overly violent, or mature adult scenes in it, just an extremely colorful and imaginative story line.
Very creative book. I need to read the next book in the series so that I can know where the character's journey will lead to. I was left wanting a lot more...
If you want to be transported into a very unique and mystical world where enchanting creatures come to life, then this is the book for you.

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