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Zimtal Nut Bag Review

I don't drink milk. Ever. Used to when I was younger, but not anymore. I do, however, enjoy drinking soy milk and almond milk pretty often! I usually buy it at the store, but now I can actually make it myself, thanks to one of the latest products that I was sent. It's called the Zimtal Nut Bag. Funny name, but very cool product. Best of all, you can use it for a lot other things besides almond milk!!

About This Product (according to company)
  • Advanced nylon nut bag with draw string
  • Perfect for straining, soaking, and sprouting
  • Strong and reusable
  • Great for travel
  • Works better than cheese cloth because it doesn't stretch and doesn't let pulp fall through
  • High quality

My Thoughts on This Product
I was sent info from the company on how to make various nut milks. I bought some almonds and followed the directions.
I was told to soak the almonds in some tap water for 8-12 hours, so that's what I did.

I threw the presoaked almonds (1 cup), some agave syrup, vanilla extract, a ripe banana, and 4 cups of  purified water in my blender and blended for a few minutes.

I placed the Zimtal nut bag into an empty pitcher.

(Top view) It fit well on the pitcher thanks to the draw string

This is what the almond milk looked like after blending

I poured it into the nut bag/pitcher

Made sure the draw string was pulled tight so that it didn't come off while I was pouring

I let most of it strain through and then squeezed out the excess into the pitcher. This was very easy to do actually

This is what the almond mixture looked like (leftover in the bag). Instead of throwing it out, I saved it in a ziplock bag for later use. I figured it would be good for other recipes.

The end result was pulp free. Awesome!

The almond milk was pretty good, but next time I might use more bananas, maybe different kinds of nuts, and possibly some cocoa powder to make it even better. I did like it though. What I love the most is the fact that I know EXACTLY what is being put into my almond milk, rather than the kind that I buy at the store. I can make as much or as little as I want and tweak the taste to my liking! It stays good for about a week in the fridge. 

This nut bag is perfect for making things like almond milk or any other nut milks, yogurt, broths, pulp free smoothies and juices, and much more. I think it is such a simple to use and cool product. Of course I will be using this for my green smoothies that I like to make pretty often. 
Perfect for those of you who are constantly whipping things up in the kitchen!
The mesh is so fine so absolutely no pulp fell through. So perfect, right?
Oh yeah---and the bag is so easy to clean. Flip it inside out and wash with some soapy water. I've done that and also thrown it in the dish washer. Also, once it's dry, you can fold it up and  take it with you on trips so you can use it while away too!

**Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was sent a free bag in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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