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The Shining by Stephen King Book Review

Title: The Shining
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror

My Full Review

Do I ever stop reading?
Of course not!
I am so obsessed with reading that I read multiple books a week. It has always been one of my all time favorite things to do since I was in elementary school. 
It helps me to escape the real world for just a little bit, each time I open up to a new page. 

I have always been a Stephen King fan, but get this---I have never completed one entire book by him. I've started several and just never fully completed any of his books from beginning to end. 
It's usually because I get caught up doing something else or reading something else for a review I have due. He is an excellent writer and I strive to write books that sell as well as his do, some day.
I've also seen several of the movies and series created after his novels though. 
One of my favorite stories has always been The Shining. I like both versions but I think Jack Nicholson wins hands down for the best Jack Torrence. 

My husband gave me a copy of The Shining a few months ago, as a birthday gift. I was elated to receive it because I've always wanted to read it.
I told myself this though--Read THIS book till the end, no matter what!-- and you know what? I did. And I'm so glad that I did.

The entire story line was very good. I will admit that there were a few areas in the book that seemed to lag on slightly, some things that didn't really need more than a page to explain, but I got right through them. It's not really a big deal. A lot of authors do it, right? 

This book was a horror novel and unlike many books that claim to be  "Horror", this one fit the genre perfectly. I can see why so many people call Stephen King a "Master of Horror" because I'm not easily scared. Not in the slightest. Something about the way he portrays the scenes, especially some of the scarier scenes, he makes sure they are cauterized into your brain.
I have never had bad nightmares after reading a book. Something about The Shining, however...I had more than a few dreams since I started reading the book, about wandering the halls of the Overlook Hotel. I could hear the pounding of the mallet in the background. I was followed by some of the malevolent entities that haunted little Danny Torrence. 
While reading this book, I couldn't help but feel scared and sorry for this little boy, every step that he took. The poor kid had a unique gift and the evils that lurked within the hotel were going to find any way that they could to get to him, no matter how terrifying. 
You know why this type of thing really gets to me? Because I have a little boy who reminds me of Danny. Kind of. He's really smart, can read better than his peers, says things some times that make me feel like he's reading my mind, and occasionally will say that he's seen someone around our house. Spooky, I know...

Another thing-It was all very unusual for me, not the book, but feeling the constant need to look behind me, or feeling as though I was being watched, when I was by myself at home. This book will do that to you. I actually laughed out loud the other day, because it seemed so silly to feel this way over a book. Somehow, King magically worked his way into my subconscious...

The book is WAY better than either movie/series version. Some things that he describes were just better when read. Things were unquestionably scarier in the book. Maybe because I was allowed to envision them with my own imagination, unlike on t.v., when what you are seeing is how someone else envisioned the scenes. 

I finished the book and was happy with the ending. It was a great read, by far on my top list for horror novels. I have the sequel to read too, which I am going to start today---Dr. Sleep. I can't wait to see what he has in store. I'm expecting more nightmares to follow!

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