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Indie Hemp Works Hemp Bracelet Set Giveaway! Ends 5/28/2014!

I LOVE hemp products. Do you love eco-fashion like me? I am always trying to find products that are better for our environment. 

I was sent a really pretty set of 3 hemp bracelets from Indie Hemp Works, along with another set to give away for free!

Indie Hemp Works is about more than something you wear. It is about something to show that you care.

Indie Hemp Works' Mission: 
Empower the Hemp Revolution

"I actually stumbled on some hemp in a craft store with a friend one day and that was it! The imaginary light bulb above my head went nuts! It was cheap, itchy and smelly hemp to start out with that day but over time I have found the highest quality hemp on the market and have been blessed to work on some amazing custom orders and collaborations. 
I hope you enjoy my work!
Thank You!
It means the world.
Making a Statement." 
 ---Christine Taylor, shop owner 

Why Hemp?
Hemp creates oxygen and absorbs chemicals like CO2 and radiation as it grows. It's seeds and oils contain essential amino acids and proteins for our bodies making it a Super Food. Hemp can also be used as a natural alternative to fossil fuels, construction materials, comfortable clothing, paper, and so much more while replenishing the soil as it grows without the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides. 

The incredibly talented hemp-designer, Christine Taylor, is a mom who actually has designed all of these amazing creations from her home in Idaho! Love it.

Wow. Did you know that hemp is great for all of that? I did, which is one of the reasons that I really love hemp fashion.
I love my set of purple, pink, and black bracelets. They look so nice and are the perfect size. They go well with a lot of my outfits because I wear these colors a lot. What's great is that you can adjust the size in case you have a smaller or larger wrist. 
You can wear them alone or together the way I have them on. 

I think it's absolutely fantastic that the bracelets are made from high quality, durable hemp cord. 

A quick tip from the website on how to care for your Hemp jewelry: 
Hemp will soften, shape, and fade as it is worn.You can expect it to stretch a little over time. Wet hemp on wrists, ankles and neck to cool bloodstream. DO NOT wear hemp jewelry in chemically treated pools.

There are several colors available on the site , such as white, burgundy, yellow, green, teal, pink, purple, and black. They can be worn as bracelets and might also fit as anklets.
I would love to get all of the colors and wear them all at once, but that's just me :)
They are very comfortable to wear, and easy to put on and take off. They have a little button clasp on the back.

There are more than just hemp bracelets available!
Here are a few of my favorites:

Add some hemp fashion to your keys with these cute little Indie Hemp Works Keychains

OMG I love this Blue Bloom Indie Hemp Necklace! It's gorgeous and I love the hand-blown glass pendant

Handmade Hemp Rosary-I know quite a few people who would love this as a gift

Eco-design Dangle Fringe Hemp Earrings- Nice! I could see myself wearing these 

~And Now Time For My Giveaway Details~

This set is identical to mine, and could be YOURS if you win!

This sticker will also be YOURS if you are my winner.

Must be 18 and older to enter. Must live in the U.S. One winner will be randomly chosen by so that all entrants will have a fair chance of winning. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to respond before a new winner is chosen. Winner will receive a set of 3 hemp bracelets (pink, purple, and black), as well as the sticker above. No purchase of any kind is necessary.

Connect With Indie Hemp Works:

**Disclaimer: I received a free set of bracelets in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.**

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