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Gold Elements Nail Care Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Oh, how I love to receive beauty products in the mail to review. I was sent this very nice bag of a couple of goodies a few weeks ago. I'm only writing about one of the products shown here (box on the left). I will write about the other product in another post.

This is a Gold Elements Nail Care Kit (Supreme)

According to the company, The GOLD ELEMENTS line offers advanced and effective cosmetic treatments and customized facials, giving an all over treatment to the skin.
The Golden Nail Kit is a stimulating beauty treatment for your nails.

Product Details

The Nail Kit Contains (from left to right)
  1. Cuticle oil- Deeply soothe, moisturize and nourish the cuticles. Ideal when buffing your nails, your cuticles will be softer and your nails stronger looking.
  2. Nail file-To smooth away rough nail edges and shape your nail faster and easier.
  3. Buffing block- Grants a beautiful shine to your nails and stimulates blood circulation under your nails, encouraging healthy growth.
  4. Hand and nail cream-A gentle, protective cream that soothes your hands.

My Thoughts on This Product

This may be hard to believe, but I've honestly never gone to a nail salon and had a manicure. NEVER. Not once. I try to stay away from all of the airborne chemicals and I just like to try and do things myself. I'm not saying I would never go to have one done, I just wouldn't want to go too often. 
So, yeah, I was thrilled to try this product out on my hands and nails!

This product works so well on my hands. I'm including quite a few pictures of my nails before and after because I want to share just how fantastic this product is for hands and nails.

This is a BEFORE picture. Yes, my nails are naturally long and pretty healthy, but that's thanks to all of the veggies and healthy foods I eat and the Spirulina that I take on a regular basis.
My nails are not filed here but they do naturally have a bit of a square shape, so they are easy to file when I do.

STEP #1:Here is a filed nail (filed straight across the top).

STEP#2: I also buffed it with the gold side of the buffer. If you've ever used a nail buffer before, then you are aware that there are 3 sides to use. This was after using the rough part of the buffer that files and smoothes them out first. 
I ended up filing it a little shorter after this.

STEP#3: This is after using the gray side of the buffer which slightly polishes it out a little more.

STEP #4: This is after using the white side of the buffer. It makes them look clean and super polished. I couldn't believe just how shiny it made each nail. Wow.

Here is a picture of another one of my completely buffed nail. Not edited. It really did add that gleam in the light.

Here is a close up of all my nails after the buffing. Still a few more steps to go though.

STEP #5: I applied a drop of the cuticle oil and massaged into each cuticle and nail.

Here is what my nails looked like after the cuticle oil.

STEP #6: Then I used some of the Hand and Nail Cream and rubbed all over my hands and nails.

Here is the end result! I love how much healthier and shiny they look! What a difference, right?

Yes, I am very happy with the results. How could I not be? I plan on doing this every couple of weeks. 

Here are my only issues with the product:
The buffer is a bit roughed up and pieces of it are snagged after the couple times I've used it. It probably won't last very long, which makes me a bit sad. I really love this buffer because it works a little better than other buffers I've tried in the past. I really wish that the kit came with a couple of buffers instead of just one :( Maybe I got carried away buffing my nails and wore the buffer out more than most people would...
The cuticle oil and hand cream will definitely last me a good while though!

Connect With Gold Elements:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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