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Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash Book Review

(cute little bookmark and mini flashlight with tiny screwdrivers inside. Perfect in case a Cicada invasion occurs......)

Title: Brood X: A Firsthand Account of the Great Cicada Invasion
Genre: Horror/Sci-fi
Audience: Older teen/adult/not a children's book!

Seth is laid off from work. His wife Lara just found out they are expecting a baby this summer. Seth plans on documenting the entire pregnancy with his brand new digital camcorder. 

During an evening home watching television, the news reports that a swarm of cicada (Brood Ten) are expected to overwhelm the entire Northeast. 

Brood Ten is vicious and ready to invade. 

During a sweltering summer night, Brood Ten emerges and wreaks havoc with the electric grid, phone and cell service, wi-fi, food and water supply. Civilization as they know it is gone. 

Seth and Lara are thrown back to the stone age in their own home with trillions of cicada trying to                                                                             deposit their eggs and breed. 

Fast paced and filled with tension, Brood Ten is the perfect summer read when you’re sitting outside listening to the cicadas sing.

About The Author

Born and raised on Long Island, Michael has always had a fascination with horror writing and found footage films. He wanted to incorporate both with his debut novel, Brood X. Earning a degree in English and an MBA, he has worked various jobs before settling into being a full-time author. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.

My Thoughts on The Book

I remember as a child, playing in the backyard with my younger sister and finding so many of those brown discarded shells still clinging to trees and walls...we crushed em' into tiny pieces with our hands and feet. Some were big, some were small, they were all over the place.
Once night fell, we heard their loud buzzing song piercing the silence of the evening.
My sister and I saw some live ones flying around and we freaked out and ran inside. They gave me the chills. I didn't want one to get close to me...

Brood X brought back those chills. Michael Phillip Cash is an excellent writer. This is the second book that I read by him and it will most definitely not be the last. The first book I read was Stillwell. That book was good, but this book was way better. 
I read the synopsis, and at first, I wasn't sure if I was going to be really into the book, because I haven't read too many books about scary bugs that I really could get into, but this book was different. 
This book started off very similar to a zombie apocalypse, but then turned into something more realistic. Cicadas actually exist. They come in swarms every few years, don't they? So why couldn't an actual Cicada apocalypse event happen to us?

At many points in the book, Michael's characters made me laugh, they made me frustrated, and they made me nervous. They even reminded me of a few people I know. I really liked their dynamics. They were all so realistic because it's true--if there was news about an upcoming apocalyptic event, there would be mass hysteria and then there would be those people out there putting it off, not truly believing all the hype. There would be those, like the characters in the book, who wouldn't prepare at all until it's too late. (Not house would be super stocked with supplies. I've seen one too many movies, I guess...but I'd be prepared, just in case...)
I read this book in two days, a few hours each day, because I loved it. It creeped me out because it was gross. It creeped me out even more because I think something like it could actually happen one day. I love books that can scare me like that. 
It wasn't super predictable. 
It definitely had some surprises.
The ending was very good.
The book kept me entertained from beginning to end.
It was exciting.
I'm really glad that I had the chance to read this book. It is a book that I will be recommending to everyone that I know, especially those who are really scared of flying bugs, (my sister just so happens to be one...). I can't wait to read another one of Michael Phillip Cash's books. I love the way he words things and the images tend to linger in your mind for days on end...Not all authors can do that.

Michael Phillip Cash

**Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review. However, all opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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