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Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review and Giveaway Ends 3/21/2014

For my latest review, I received 2 free bottles of  Dial Deep Cleansing Soap and a few coupons to use in a giveaway.

I received the Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar and the Coconut Lime Verbena.
These premium soaps have a deep cleansing formula to not only cleans your hands, but also moisturizes your skin. They have micro-scrubbers that help to remove the dirt from your hands and leaves them feeling softer than before. 
There are actually 3 scents available:
Water Blossoms- invigorating floral scent inspired by aquatic botanicals
Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar: A tart and rich sweetness that refreshes your senses
Coconut Lime Verbena: The juicy and tangy citrus brightens your day

This is the Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar one. It is a bright and pretty yellow color with small black beads of sugar. I love the way that this one smells. It reminds me of a raspberry smoothie! I love how the scent of the soap lingers for quite a while after washing your hands with it and yes it does leaves my hands soft, without drying them out. I wash my hands a billion times a day, so my hands usually get super dry and rough from all of the washing. This stuff really works to keep my hands from getting that way.

I put this bottle in my kitchen for my family to use. They all seem to really like this soap as much as I do. 

This is the Coconut Lime Verbana one. This one is actually my favorite. Something about the green color and the scent is so good. (This is my husband's favorite too.) Yes, the scent lingers from this one as well and it also leaves my hands nice and moisturized. 

I put this one in one of our bathrooms so that my family can use it often. They all seem to really like this one as much as I do too. 
I love both of these soaps because yes they do provide refreshing moisture and are definitely family soaps!

This is a picture of what they had available on the shelf at Walmart and there was an instant coupon for 50 cents off any scent!
UPDATE! I finally decided to get the third bottle in the group-Water Blossoms (blue bottle). Did i like it? Yes, because it does smell good and it does moisturize my hands like the other two, but honestly it is my least favorite. The scent just isn't as unique as the other two. To me it smells a lot like several other soaps out there, not that it's a bad thing. I guess if you're looking for a scent that not only moisturizes your hands, but is also a bit more traditional and not fruit scented, then this is the one for you.

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**Disclaimer: I received a free bottle from Dial and Purex Insiders in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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