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Carribean Trading Sauces- Island Fever Salsa and Habanero Mango Review

Hi everybody. I have been so busy the last few days with moving and did not have internet! So annoying! But finally it's on and I can post yet another product review. My husband and I really like to try out different sauces(especially hot sauces) with our foods so we were really interested in trying out one of the sauces from Carribean Trading.

 I was allowed to pick the one that I wanted us to try out so I picked the Island Fever Salsa since we eat salsa on a pretty regular basis. (They have quite a few different sauces to pick from and it was between the Island Fever Salsa and one of their Habanero sauces that I wanted to pick from).

This is what arrived in the mail:

I was pleasantly surprised that they sent a free bottle of Habanero Mango Mayhem Wing Sauce as well!
Island Fever Salsa:
This salsa is a little different from the salsas that my husband and I are used to eating. It has an interesting blend of habanero peppers, onions, mangoes, pineapple, papaya, tomatoes, and more in it. The website suggests to try it with meat, fish, or chicken. 
What we thought about this sauce:
It was a lot sweeter than the traditional salsas that my husband and I eat. Now, I'm not complaining. It may be sweeter but thanks to the habanero peppers in it, it's definitely got a bit of a kick to it! I liked eating this with buttery crackers and also on mixed veggies. My husband and I loved eating it with chips of course and yes with chicken. We actually ended up finishing this one fairly quickly. 
Taste: **** 4 stars because yes, it was good, but I still think if it were just slightly a tad bit hotter it would be worth 5 stars. You can definitely taste the fruit and the habanero peppers in it.
Quantity: ***** 5 stars because it did come in a good size (9 oz). We finished it quickly simply because we love salsa and always finish them right away
Heat level: **** 4 stars because it was pretty mild for our tastes, but still good
Would I buy in the future? Yes, and I love that it can go with several different foods--veggies, chicken, fish, and meat (I don't eat meat, but you might like it with meat...)
Habanero Mango Mayhem Wing Sauce de Puerto Rico

Just reading the name made me want to try this one right away. I love Habanero peppers and mangoes too. This one has a blend of habanero peppers, cayenne pepper, mangoes, garlic, passion fruit juice, and a few other things in it. This 12 oz bottle says that the heat level is medium. 
What we thought about this sauce:
My husband and I first tried this on on pizza. Is that weird? Well, we usually like to use Sriracha and occasionally Tabasco on our pizza, so yes, we tried it. Guess what? We liked it. We dipped some baked wings in it--gave them a better taste. 
Taste: **** Only 4 stars because it had a slight vinegar-like taste that kept it from being my favorite. You can taste both the mango and habanero peppers in it.
Quantity: ***** 5 stars because it was a very good size. We have quite a bit left that we plan on dipping some more wings in. You can use a little bit and it has a lot of flavor in it
Heat Level: ***** 5 stars because it is pretty spicy but not too spicy where it keeps you from enjoying your food. I like that.
Will I be buying in the future? I think so. I would love to try actually marinating some wings overnight and baking them in the sauce. I like that it tastes good on other foods as well. 
I was very happy to receive these two free bottles. If habanero peppers or papaya and mango aren't your thing, they have a ton of different sauces for you to try. They also have other products such as teas, jerk sauce, coffee, bath and body gifts, decor, games, toys, spices, Puerto Rico products, souvenirs, and more!
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**Disclaimer: I received a free product from Carribean Trading in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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