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Hoffman Academy Piano Lesson Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
My husband and I are both musicians who love playing a variety of instruments on a regular basis. Our son loves to jump in and try to play on his little drums, guitar and keyboard when he hears us. Now, he doesn't really know how to play chords and notes well, but he sure does have some great rhythm for a 5 year old.

When I learned about Hoffman Academy's Piano Lesson package, I thought it would be great to help our kiddo learn how to play the piano better. So, I accepted the product for free to try it out and review it.

What I Thought About This Product
There are 60 lessons available. I was given all of Unit 1 for free to keep.
This included:

  • 36 PDF pages of Music Theory Worksheets and Activity pages
  • 5 PDF pages of Song Sheets with Practice Instructions
  • Piano Listening MP3 Tracks
  •  Parent Guide

Pretty cool, right?
First off, like it says above, the activity sheets/worksheets are in PDF form. This means that if you want a hard copy of them, then you can open them with any PDF reading program available on your computer and print them out. I used Adobe Reader to view my pages. I didn't actually print every page, just the ones the worksheets that my son could actually color and write on. As for the lesson pages/ song sheets that were just to be read, I just let my son view them and scroll through them. I didn't mind him doing that and he enjoyed reading them like that. My tablet has a stand so it was able to sit up right near the keyboard where he could easily view them and play on the keyboard as well.

Now, I don't have a big piano, but I do have a nice big Casio Light up keyboard that works well and sounds really good.

My son seemed really excited to start learning the music lessons. He is currently being home schooled so it was easy to just slide a lesson in with his day to day activities. We went through a few worksheets and then he wanted to jump in and try a few keys out.
I love how simple the lessons are for young kids to learn from and understand. My son can read very well so he read the lessons out loud to me and did as they said.

I love that he learned the names of the keys right away. He has an excellent memory so he memorized them all fairly quickly. He also learned how to play Hot Cross Buns after the first try. He was able to keep time well and sang along as he played. I love that.

He seemed to really enjoy learning how to play the piano with these lessons. He learned a lot fairly quickly in a matter of days. I plan on continuing these lessons with him.

Do I recommend this product?
If you're child seems interested in learning to play the piano, then I do think that these Hoffman lessons are a great idea. 

(If you don't have a tablet or e-reader or something like that available and can spare the sheets and ink, then I suggest you do print out the pages. Some kids learn better when they have an actual physical copy in front of them to use) I do kind of wish that there was a book full of the lessons available that they could just send you rather than having you print everything out though...

They are very simple to explain/understand and fun. (There are even sheets that that they can color on-many kids enjoy coloring activities.)
 The MP3s are a good addition because you and you're child(ren) can listen to the way that each song goes and they can play along with each track once they get the hang of the song. 

This is a great activity for the entire family to be a part of!
No prior experience needed, but if you already have a musical background, then this will be even easier for you~

Great addition to any home school curriculum as well as traditional schooled children. 

You can do a couple of lessons a week or do them all at your child's own pace.
Your child will be learning how to play the piano in no time!

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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