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Naturade Vegan Smart Chocolate and Chai Mix Product Review

Now I may not be 100% Vegan (yet), but I do love Vegan products.
I was very interested in trying out Naturade's Vegan Smart shake mixes. I love making shakes, don't you?
I have tried several different kinds, only a few that were Vegan though.
I was sent two different flavors- 2 packs of Chocolate powder mix and 2 packs of Chai flavored. I normally like Chocolate and Chai flavored drinks so these sounded pretty good to me.

The first one that I tried was the Chai flavored one. I used vanilla soy milk (maybe not the greatest idea.) I really should have used plain soy milk since Vanilla soy milk already has a very sweet vanilla taste to it, but we were out. I don't drink actual milk, which was in the fridge, and I wasn't about to mix it with juice or water.
Well, I mixed it in with a fork---another mistake. I usually use a blender, bullet, or my nifty blender cup. Have you guys heard of those?? Blender cups are awesome for protein shakes and milkshakes. You just put the powder and your choice of liquid in and shake hard. There is a small wisk-like metal ball inside that helps break up and blend the powder pretty well. Anyway, it is packed in a box somewhere, so I couldn't use it.
(Insert sad face here)
So, I stirred for a good few minutes and there were still chunks of powder in the soy milk. I was tired of stirring and just decided that I would drink it that way. I took a sip and wow, yeah I could definitely taste the Chai in it, and sadly the overpowering Vanilla soy milk taste. I really wish I had used plain soy milk. Now, it wasn't gross or anything. I still liked it.


I tried the chocolate flavor. Yes, with vanilla soy milk because we still hadn't bought plain soy milk. Was it bad? No, actually the chocolate didn't taste too bad with the vanilla soy milk, but I'm pretty sure that it would have been better with plain soy milk or almond milk. In my opinion, the chocolate actually did taste better than the Chai flavored. It also blended very well in my special cup as opposed to mixing it with a fork or spoon.


One day I made the Chocolate one with a tablespoon of peanut butter, bananas, plain soy milk, and some kale. I liked it. It was still very slightly powdery toward the bottom, but I didn't mind so much. I tried the Chai one the next day with a banana, apple, frozen berries, kale, and plain soy milk. It was okay, but I prefer the Chocolate one.

Do I recommend this product?
If you like to drink shakes and smoothies, yes. If you like Chai or Chocolate flavored stuff, yes, give it a try. If you like Vegan products, of course.
These packets are filled with a ton of nutrients. BIG PLUS!
According to the packet, there are no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, no MSG, no soy, no egg, no dairy, and they are Gluten free too!

But then, what could possibly be in them? Well both the Chocolate flavor and Chai flavor have 23 g of a complete protein blend. They both have hemp protein, chia protein, pea protein isolate, chlorella protein, and potato protein.
They also both contain 320 mg of a whole food complex. There's mango fruit, cabbage leaf, spinach leaves, beet root, apricot fruit, carrot fruit, raspberry fruit, broccoli flower and stem, and pineapple fruit (wow, right? A lot of good, healthy stuff. It may sound like quite a mix, but I honestly couldn't taste it all in there. I guess this is a good thing, since a mixture of that plus the Chocolate or Chai doesn't sound very tasty)
They also both have a good amount of fiber, flax seed powder, borage oil and inulin.
They both contain 1 billion CFU of a probiotic blend- (great for your digestive system).
Lastly, there are 300 mg of a digestive enzyme blend as well.

I love that all of this is mixed into each packet and I love that organic can sugar is used, as well as sunflower oil.
There are about 5 g of total fat in each packet that I received as well as less than 200 calories in each!

I wouldn't mind trying the other flavors available in the future. I do recommend using a blender, bullet or blender cup. Also, adding in a plain flavored non-dairy liquid of your preference might be a good idea. Feel free to add in bananas, berries, granola, oats, or any other ingredient you want to make a tasty and super nutritional smoothie!

Try Vegan Smart for yourself

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid by Naturade for this review.This is a sponsored post from with my unbiased thoughts.

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