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Instajunction Products Review- Use Your Own Photos!

I received this product a couple of weeks ago. I had put it aside because it arrived when I was actually on my way out to go do some Christmas shopping. Then I completely forgot about it!

Instajunction is actually a really cool website that allows you to use your own Instagram photos or uploaded photos on quite a few different things. They are based in the UK so the prices shown are not in American dollars, but they do offer worldwide shipping.

You can use your very own Instagram photos on coasters, polaroid style cards, cufflinks, mini photo books, magnets, vinyls, keyrings, aluminum plates, framed prints, and even charm bracelets! Now, who doesn't think that sounds pretty awesome? I love the whole idea.

I was allowed to pick any of the items for free, within a certain price range, and so I chose the Polaroid style cards.
Why, you ask?

Because I could get 50 of them for free to review and try out. Main reason why---because my husband and I are having a late wedding reception in a few months and thought it would be a nice to attach a photo with our invitations that we are going to send out.

I decided to only use a few of our photos from Instagram, mostly for our invitations and a couple for us to keep for ourselves.

Here are a few of the ones that I received:

They all come packaged nicely in a small thin cardboard wallet

Yup, just like a classic Polaroid picture

What do I think of this product?

Well, first off, let me say that I think that I love the idea of decorating things with my own photos from Instagram. It works out great for my husband and I, not only because the quantity that we received is perfect, but also because they simply look really good. The description on the site says that they are "Polaroid style versions of your photos printed on a heavy weight glossy card."  They do look like Polaroid photos except they are not very shiny and will not scratch and fade or fall apart the way many real Polaroid photos do. They have more of a flat or matte finish--well its a very, very slight glossy finish.. Some people may like that, some people may not. I think it's fine, but I think I would like it the other way as well. Are they really on heavy weight paper? Well, the cards are kind of on a poster board-like paper. They can get bent like normal photos. I guess, I would honestly like them even more if they were even just a tad bit thicker.

The pictures are very true to the photos on Instagram. I like that. These look just like they did on my computer.

I also like that there is an area on the Polaroid style cards where you can write a note on the bottom or back with a pen if you really wanted to.

If you order the Polaroid style cards too, you can pick from a set of 10, 25, 50, or 100. You can use all of the same Instagram photos, a few of each, a whole set of different ones, or whatever way you would like them. They will have all of the exact editing on the cards that you used on Instagram, including the frame you used.

You can use these cards in so many different ways---collage, party favors, to fill a scrap book, in art projects, to hand out to people, or whatever other way that you would like.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes I do, very much so. With the holidays coming up quickly, you can use many of the options they have available as gifts. I think that the prices are about right for such items. They also have special rates for large volume orders. 
Another cool thing?--If you want to give as a gift, you can always get a gift voucher and allow the person you are giving it to, the option of picking what they want! Nice! 

Instajunction is very simple to use. If you already have an Instagram account, you're already halfway there. Just log onto your account from within the Instajunction page, and pick the photos that you want to use! Simple. 

The only real issue that I encountered when ordering something was the order form. It is organized a little oddly so I was unable to enter my full zip code. What I did was enter all my address info into the address lines offered, including my zip, and then I contacted the company. They responded very quickly, were very friendly and helpful, and helped me resolve the issue. 

I received my package after a few weeks, but I'm sure it was because it was coming from the UK. I didn't mind because it was definitely worth the wait. 

Right now's the best time to hurry and get your Christmas orders in! So don't delay. They have so many options available to pick from.
If you don't have a debit/credit card--No worries, because you can use your Paypal account too.

**Dislaimer: I received this product for Free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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