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UNIQSO Big Eye Circle Lens Review- Dolly Eye Blytheye Grey

I recently ordered two new pairs of circle lenses from UNIQSO and received an extra pair for free as well as three free cases! I am going to do reviews on each pair of lenses in separate posts. This one is on my favorite pair that I purchased.

Each pair arrived in a cute little box. Inside the vials were bubble wrapped very well so that they wouldn't break. (Aren't the boxes and cases adorable?)

I removed the bubble wrap from the Dolly Eye Blytheye Grey lenses and this is what authentic Dolly Eye lens vials should look like. :

The 411 On These Dolly Eye Blytheye Grey Lenses(aka EOS Adult II Series):

Base Curve: 8.6 mm

Color Tones: 2 tones

Diameter 14.8 mm

Water Content: 38%

Made by: Dolly Eye

When I've ordered from UNIQSO in the past, my lenses have always come with a qtip to remove the lenses from the vials but this time they didn' t. Each of the cute box cases that I received, however, had special plastic tweezers that I was able to use instead. This is what the lenses looked like in the lens case that I had already filled with fresh contact solution.
I let them soak in this case overnight, which you should do after you get your lenses so that they are thoroughly cleaned before you can put them in your eyes.

I was so excited to put them on the next day! The color looked so pretty in the cases, so I kept wondering how they would look on my real eyes, which are an orange, honey brown.
My natural eye color on the left, Blytheye Grey on the right.

Here is a pic of both of them in (indoor lighting/no eye makeup):

Circle lenses always seem to look way better with a bit of eye makeup on, in my opinion. So, here is a pic of me wearing them with my eye makeup done. Camera flash was on too.

Here's one other with normal room lighting:

My Final Thoughts?

Color: ***** 5 stars because the color blend is a beautiful pale almost whitish grey. The design on the lenses makes them stand out as well.

Size:***** 5 stars because there is a bit of an enlargement but not by too much. I already have big eyes though.

Comfort:***** 5 Stars because they are extremely comfortable. I wore them for a little longer than 8 hours and they never felt uncomfortable or dry. Surprisingly, I barely even felt them in my eyes.

Price: ***** 5 Stars because they were barely over $22 for the pair and that is an amazing deal!!

Overall: I am VERY happy with these lenses. They have become my new favorites! I am planning on ordering every other color in this series because they are just so pretty. I can't wait to try brown and violet.

If you like these lenses too you can visit  UNIQSO
You can also click on any of the images around my blog that say UNIQSO or circle lenses on them.

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Also, I just wanted to say that I love UNIQSO. They have the BEST customer service--you can message them at pretty much any time and they always respond very politely. The prices are awesome and their selection of lenses if big. There are lenses of all colors and designs, as well as HALLOWEEN lenses! They have both prescribed and non-prescribed lenses available, and are now offering a few toric pairs too. They have great promotions every month, as well as some cool contests in which you can win free pairs or other great prizes!!!!!~~

I will be reviewing the other two pairs that I received very soon in a couple of future posts. Hope you enjoyed this one~

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