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New Pair of Glasses From Firmoo Product Review

After doing my blog giveaway, I had a free $20 e-voucher leftover to use and so of course I took advantage of the deal. It just so happened that I was in desperate need of new glasses.

I've gotten a pair of glasses from Firmoo in the past and was very happy with those, so I was sure that I would be able to find another pair of glasses that would maek me happy as well.

Firmoo has a really nice variety of both eyeglasses and sunglasses to pick from and they're all at very reasonable prices. The $20 e-voucher was an even bigger plus since some of the glasses start at a price slightly lower than $20! This meant that I would be able to get a FREE pair of glasses (basically) and all I was going to have to pay for was shipping, which is also very reasonably low, and any add-ons of my choice.

Here is a picture of the frames that I selected, as well as everything that came with them.
I picked a pair of girly glasses with a leopard like pattern and slightly larger frames than what I'm used to. I just wanted to try something different. These glasses were on sale for about $19, so FREE with my e-voucher! They even came with a very nice black hard case that says FIRMOO on it, a softer glasses case, a cleaning cloth, and mini screwdriver with multiple heads, as well as a couple of extra screws. The only add-on's that I picked were a UV coating and anti-reflection coating. ALL this for a total of $14.85!!!!!!!!!!

If I had purchased a pair of similar lenses from any of the optical stores around town, I would have had to pay an arm and a leg for them.

My Final Thoughts?

I love them! They are really cute! They are very girlie and I love the way they look. They feel very sturdy, yet comfortable. FIRMOO is really great. I will definitely be purchasing another pair in the very near future.

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