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Smiley360 Review On Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste

My latest mission from Smiley360 was from Arm & Hammer. The product was a complimentary tube of Arm & Hammer Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste.
I love my teeth to be as white as possible and yes, I have had some issues with sensitivity. Recently had two teeth pulled and my gums were a bit sensitive so the toothpaste arrived at the perfect time!

Before writing a review I wanted to be sure I had used it for at least 2 weeks so I could see if I noticed any good or bad results. Let me start off by saying that my teeth did become noticeably whiter, but not as white as Crest 3D White left them. As for sensitivity though-the toothpaste worked really well and my gums don't feel sensitive at all anymore! I love that :-). The one thing I was not too crazy about?-----The taste of the toothpaste is not too great. I just have never been too crazy about the taste of baking soda and you can definitely taste that in this toothpaste. Another thing, I love how my other whitening toothpaste leaves my mouth and breath feeling super clean and fresh for a while afterwards. Arm & Hammer Sensitive does not really do that for me. I wish it was more minty flavored.

My Final Thoughts?

This toothpaste worked great for sensitivity not the best for whitening mine.

The taste could be better, but its not too bad.

Yes I recommend it for those of you have have sensitive teeth or want a slightly whiter look.

Want to know more about the Arm & Hammer mission I took? Click HERE!

Thank you Smiley360 and Arm & Hammer for this opportunity! I look forward to doing more campaigns in the future!

**Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own. **

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