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Smiley360 Review for Campbell Go's Coconut Curry W/ Chicken and Shitake Mushroom Soup

Here is yet another one of my food product reviews. This type it was a complimentary sample from a website called, which I am currently a member of. I get a free sample of soup and all I have to do is give you an honest review of what I think.

I love soup. In fact, I eat all different kinds of soup several days a week. Brought a little smile to my face when I was told that I was going to be able to sample one of Campbell's Go soups for free. Got even happier when it finally arrived and I saw that the flavor I was sent was Coconut Curry with Chicken and Shitake Mushroom Soup. I'm not a red meat or pork person so yay for chicken. A bigger plus was the fact that it had Shitake mushrooms in it, which I love to eat.

The soup comes in a pouch which you can pop into the microwave, (you make a slight tear along the corner to vent), cook for a few minutes and then pour into a bowl. Simple, right? Yup!

(I was also given a few different "disguises" to wear while enjoying my soup and this is the one that I picked. lol. Me in my super villain Campbell's Go disguise...)

I was also given free coupons to give out, which of course I will be doing :)

How was it?

Taste: Pretty good! Not the best soup that I've ever had in my entire life, but satisfying. I give it a 7 out of 10 stars, where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. The reason it was not my favorite is because there were a ton of water chestnuts in it. I loved the bits of chicken, carrots, and mushrooms, and the broth was alright, but I cannot stand water chestnuts! So I simply removed them and ate the rest of the healthy, satisfying soup. 

Convenience: Very convenient when you do not have enough time to cook your own soup recipe or prepare an entire meal. Great for busy moms like myself. As I mentioned before, all you have to do is pop it in the micro and then serve. Would be even more convenient, however, if it were like some of those soups in a can. That would be awesome!

I am going to be trying some of the other flavors available ASAP. Many of them sound delicious, especially the Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda and also the Chicken and Quinoa with Poblano Chilies...

Here is the link to Campbell's Go. It's fun--there's a mad lib type story that you can play with and complete your random story 4 a $1 off coupon. Check it out!

Thanks Campbell's Go and Smiley360!

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