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Late night post, but I woke up and just had to write all this down before I forget! Please excuse any typos. I am typing on a touch screen keyboard on my tablet and it lags sometimes and doesn't catch all my quick typing. I will come back and correct on laptop later...

Got my teeth pulled a few days ago, right, and was taking pain meds for a few days. One night after taking my pain meds, my fiance' said that after a few hours of sleeping I yelled out, "What mom?", really loud. I didn't realize I did it. He said I had woken up right after it though. I don't remember what I had been dreaming about. I just laughed it off and assumed it had been due to my pain meds.

However, a few nights later I had taken no pain meds and the same thing happened. Except, this time I added, "Hey, mom" loudly and the words, "That wasn't what I was trying to say...that was stupid." I woke up right after that because I suppose I was speaking very loudly and this time I could recall saying it, however I thought I had just said it in my dream. Sadly, I don't remember what my dream was about that night either. If you've been reading my blogs, you would know that my fiance' talks in his sleep, EVERY night, MULTIPLE times a night, sometimes loud and clear, sometimes as a creepy whisper, and sometimes in a language I can't understand , (probably just gibberish).

 My son started doing it too and sometimes I catch them both doing it one after the other like they're having a conversation. At times it's cute and at other times it just makes it really hard for me to sleep! Now, I used to do it quite often as a child, my mom has told me, but I thought I had grown out of it. My fiance' has told me that occasionally he'll hear me talk in my sleep, but it's rare and never super loud. Ha--we're starting a little family trend or something here and engaging in nightly conversations in our sleep!.....

Tonight I had a really strange experience...

It was weird. I was watching cabin fever 2 and I guess I kept weaving in and out of sleep. My fiance came into the room and said he was going to head to Walmart really quickly. It was after midnight when I looked at the clock but we tend to do a lot of late night shopping at the nearby location.

Anyway, I said okay and went back to watching my movie. Then, I realized that a while had passed and I thought I must have fallen asleep because the house was awfully quiet still. The room was dark, except for the dim hallway light and the light from my tablet. The movie had finished. I could see that the closet door was open. I hate open doors so I got up and closed it. I looked toward the hallway, could hear the AC on in the living room, but everything else looked dark toward that way. I was wondering why my fiance' had been gone so long. (No, I hadn't checked the clock again but it just felt like he had been gone for too long.)

I got a nervous feeling. I was probably freaking myself out because I've been watching several scary movies day after day on I reached up to pull the chain to turn on the fan, but I pulled and the light was out. I pulled and pulled and nothing. Made me more nervous. I walked over to the lamp across the room and tried to turn it on---that one was off too.


 and apparently all of that had been a dream, but get this...the house was still silent and I figured since my fiance' had mentioned Walmart and was still gone. Room was dark, like in my dream, except for tablet, hallway light on, (so I thought at first) AC in living room could be heard...closet door closed. Got up nervous again for sure, and decided to go check to see if my fiance' was back yet. Went to turn on lamp across room again and guess what? The light would not turn on!

I was really freaked out. I kept flipping the little switch and nothing. Got even more scared, reached up and pulled the chain on the fan light and was so relieved when that one turned on. I checked the lamp across the room again, and it was still not working. Checked to make sure it was plugged in and yes it was. Light must have gone out even though it had been working earlier in the night. Stood there for a minute trying to calm down. Walked into hallway and realized that somehow the hallway light was off and the living room light was on, and liked I mentioned so was the AC, but my fiance' was nowhere to be seen. Saw a light on in the room near the kitchen, but I honestly was still a little nervous until my fiance' stepped out.

 I nearly jumped out of my skin!! Then I said, "Oh, you're back already." He looked at me strangely and said, "What are you taking about?" I said, "Oh. I thought you had gone to Walmart." He said, "Umm, no, I was going to but I forgot to." I said, "Didn't you come into the room earlier and say you were going?' And he looked at me funny again and said, "Yeah, I was in there a few minutes ago, but you were asleep and we never spoke. I just went to the bathroom, checked on you and then came to the other room to use the computer."

Weird, weird, weird! So, I was dreaming that he told me about Walmart but he had actually been thinking about it. I was so confused. Dream was so lucid---I could swear we had spoken. Weirdest part for me was the light. Sure, I know you're probably saying, ummm, lights go out, ya know... and fine yeah sure they do, but wouldn't you have been a little weirded out if all this had happened to you as well? Yeah, I'll bet you would have been!

Well, I guess no more creepy movies before bed...not that Cabin fever 2 is really scary or anything--it's not, but I sure have been watching a lot of Asian horror films the last few days (I'm an Asian horror film junkie by the way. Love, love them!)

Okay, I'm going to try and some more sleep ad I will be definitely adding more to my blog if anything interesting happens! Goodnight!

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