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Bzzagent Review On Kellogg's Choco Zucaritas (Chocolate Frosted Flakes)

Yes, this is yet another very cool and FREE product that was sent to me from Bzzagent. This time they sent me TWO full sized boxes of cereal. 

If you like Frosted Flakes, then you'll probably like these too. They are exactly what the name says--Chocolate Frosted Flakes. (they're chocolate corn flakes)

My son loves cereal, period.
Of course I knew that he was going to love this one. Not many kids will pass up chocolate cereal--am I right?

(In fact, he's actually sitting beside me right now, reading my page and asking me if he could have a bowl. He calls them "Choco Caritas" lol)

As for me, I actually wasn't a huge fan. I mean, they taste okay, but they're harder than I like, especially since I recently had a few teeth removed and haven't gotten too used to eating harder stuff yet. 

Also, my son likes them dry, like he does with most cereals. He'll drink a glass of milk or juice on the side. 

I did give the second box to my sister so that my niece could try them out. First thing my sister said was "Gia doesn't like cereal so I'm pretty sure she's not going to eat any..." I told her that my son loves them and that she should just tell her to try a little bit.
Well, let me tell you something--She was wrong!!! Her daughter loves this cereal and has been eating a little bit of it every day since then. 

I do recommend this product. You're kids might love it just as much as my son and niece do!

**Disclaimer: I am not being payed for this review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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