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UNIQSO Big Eye Circle Lenses Review- I.Fairy Moe Moe Grey

Let me start off by saying that I have been wearing contact lenses for almost 15 years now...long time... and I have tried so many different brand and colors. I always wear soft contact lenses.

Many of my friends and even some relatives don't even know what my real eye color is!

My favorite lenses of all time are Circle Lenses. Most circle lenses are like regular contact lenses except they come in way larger sizes, giving the wearer a more "dolly-eye effect". They come in so many beautiful and unique colors and are very popular in Asia. I came across a website called UNIQSO that actually offers some of the best varieties that are very affordable! ----You won't believe their prices! You totally have to check out the site to believe it!

Now picking a color was a little hard for me because there are so many awesome choices but I narrowed my choices down to grey and violet. I also had to make sure to find ones in my prescription (which, ya, I did.) I found a grey with hazel brown mix that I fell in love with. They looked gorgeous on every model who wore them on the page where I found them, so I knew they were the first pair I wanted to try. So happy that I did.

They arrived about 3 weeks after I ordered them, of course, because they came all the way from Malaysia, but the timing did not bother me whatsoever. It was totally worth the wait.They came in the most adorable packaging. A box held two little vials with the authentic I.Fairy tag on each, a plastic and metal cap that wasn't too hard to remove (with the help of some tweezers I had) and also sent me a cute see-through case, along with a q-tip to remove the lenses from the vials.

Really cute packaging

Inside the case. Love the colors

I.Fairy Authenticity Tab
Cool contact case. It's see-through so you can see which lenses are inside

I was so excited to try them on. The color in the tiny bottles looked amazing. Such a pretty grey and hazel blend and they looked huge.

Here is a picture comparing them in size to my regular pair of Fresh look contacts:

(Freshlook grey on top and I.Fairy grey on bottom) Big size difference

Here are pics of before, with one lens in, with both in, without much eye makeup, and with full makeup:

Aren't they great? I also have photos of them in different lighting:

Close up of one of the lenses in flash

The 411 on theses particular lenses:
 Brand: I.Fairy
Name: MoeMoe Grey
Dia: 16.2
B.C.: 8.60
Made in Korea
Come in many different powers (prescription or not)
Get more info on these lenses here: I. Fairy Moe Moe Grey Lenses 
on all of their other lenses here: Big Eye Circle Lenses from UNIQSO

My Final Thoughts on These Lenses?

I love them!

Color: 5 stars (love that they do stand out but with the help of makeup such as eyeliner and mascara, which I love to wear, they look more natural and cat-eye like)

Size: 5 stars (I already have pretty big eyes, but yes they do look even bigger and I love that)

Comfort: 5 stars (I wore them for 6.5 hours the first day, with no issues, barely even felt them. Wore them for almost 8 today with no issues. Thought they might get super dry due to the bigger size, but nope. I didn't even feel the need to apply drops! So comfy!)

Price: 5 stars (very affordable especially since they are daily wear and with proper cleaning and storage, they should last about an entire year!)

(A quick note---as soon as I received my pair, I let the lenses soak in a case filled with clean solution for about 4 hours. I suggest that any new lens wearer should do the same or even soak them overnight.)

Yes, I totally recommend these lenses to anyone for something just a bit more dramatic than traditional contact lenses.

They are beautiful and so far my favorite contact lenses that I have worn in years. I will definitely be buying future pairs in several different colors and making reviews of those too. So, stay tuned! If you like these contacts, feel free to click on the picture of the big eye at the top of my blog or any other ads I have that say UNIQSO or "the secret to big eyes". They have very cool monthly promotions/sales and contests.

**Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this review--the opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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