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The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC (Influenster)

For all you food lovers and foodies out there I have a great show for you. It's called The Taste. It airs on ABC at 8/7c.

Have you heard of it or watched an episode?

I heard about it on Influenster who suggested I watch an episode. I love watching shows about food so I clicked on the link they provided and watched. 

The Taste  is a show about a group of chefs, both professional and home cookers, who compete against one another to have the best "spoon". They are judged by four famous chefs who have to taste a spoonful of their dish and then determine whether the contestants will stay in the next round or go home. By the way, I love the mixture of people because I'm sure there are some people who have never been a professional chef or worked at a restaurant but still know how to make some amazing food. I think that's one of the things that makes this show exciting.

I watched a couple of episodes and the show kind of reminds me of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. (I love that show!) Biggest difference? There are more than one main judge on most of the episodes. Occasionally a famous chef is brought on to judge all of the dishes, but most of the time it is 4 judges. 

I love seeing what each person will come up with. There are some really interesting food ideas. I always feel like getting up after the show and heading into the kitchen to try and whip up the ones that sound the best. There is a lot of pressure on the contestants in the show---time restraints, only being able to use certain ingredients, knowing that only one dish from their team will be chosen, creating new dishes that they've never even tried before, and sometimes harsh comments from the judges. The competition seems like a lot of fun. However, even though I, myself, love to cook, there's no way I'd be able to cook up a decent and creative meal under all the pressure. I'd freak out! Also each judge is in charge of a group, so I'd be so nervous to make any mistakes around a celebrity judge...

The show is very entertaining. On an episode I watched this one cook kept having mini fires at her station and on another episode one of the judges got kind of tipsy and started wandering over to the other team's stations! What else is entertaining to me is when the judges have a disagreement about which dish is the best. It all keeps me interested. I really like the show!

My favorite part is at the end when they have the  "blind taste test". It's the best part because they have to taste each dish and decide which is the best, not knowing who created the dish or if that person is on their team or not. The looks on those judges faces when they turn down a dish, later learning that it was one of their team members. Haha. Sometimes they end up sending their own members home.

If this show sounds like something you would like to watch too, here's a clip: The Taste.

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