My Favorite Shows That I've Found on Netflix

I'm always looking for new shows to get into and I've found a few that I really like. They happen to be shows from ABC.

I started off by watching the show Once Upon a Time. I honestly wasn't sure I was going to like it since it's more of a family show but I actually really enjoyed watching it. I watched all of the episodes that were available on Netflix. I like that it includes a ton of fairy tales I read when I was a kid but they all have a bit of a twist with Rumpelstiltskin included and all of the characters are living in a town, not knowing who they really are. I don't want to ruin too much for anyone who hasn't seen the show but would like to. I think it's pretty interesting that Cameron from the show House is on the show as well as Ginnifer Goodwin is as well. I have always thought that they resembled each other a bit and they share a pretty close connection on the show. (Watch to find out.) Anyway, I really like how the story was written and found myself excited to see one episode after another. I was sad when I finished all the episodes available. I think the show is still going on ABC which doesn't seem to work on my tv and I guess I can try and catch up by watching the episodes on ABCgo.com.

The second show that I wasn't sure I would like but ending up really enjoying is The Lying Game. That show has a lot of drama going on in it, which made me want to watch it even more! Two twins switching lives and a ton of chaos follows. It's not your typical "the parent trap" like many of these twin shows out there. There are actually a lot of twists and surprises throughout the show. I watched all of the available episodes and am extremely eager to watch the rest, which sadly are neither available on Netflix nor ABCgo.com. So sad. Hopefully they will be updated soon. I really want to finish that show.

The last show that I am currently watching is called Switched at Birth. Yes, it's another twin show. Ha. I really, really expected this show to end up being a typical twin switch story, but I was very wrong. It's very different. One twin is a rich girl and one girl is of lower class and also deaf. I don't want to really say much else so I won't spoil it...The hearing impaired girl's mother is the mother from the George Lopez show and has some impressive signing skills-there is a lot of sign language in the show with subtitles. I find signing an awesome skill to learn and actually took a course in college. The people in the deaf community that I have met were all very friendly and I loved the class. The show is really good. One of the main actors from The Lying Game  also plays a love interest on the show. Keeps the show even more interesting to me. I have only seen a few episodes but I am definitely going to watch the rest.

It was a bit surprising to me to find so many shows on ABC that I really like. I normally watch Showtime series and HBO shows but these three shows are really entertaining. I will add more shows in future posts if I find something else that I also like. 

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