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Sole Society Shoes (Influenster)

Are you obsessed with shoes? You might not know this but I totally am. I'm so obsessed with shoe that I catch myself staring at anyone's shoes who walks by me. I don't know what it is, but I do it all the time. I guess I'm just a bit of a shoe freak.

In my complimentary Influenster Holiday Voxbox, I mentioned in a previous post that I received a card from Sole Society that had a discount code for $25 off of my first pair of shoes. I'm going to share this code with you all in case you would like to try the deal out yourself. The code is INFLUENSTER25. Feel free to use it on your favorite pair. The shoes start as low as $49.95, but you have to hurry because that deal will expire on January 31, 2013.

I have not used the coupon code myself yet but I wanted to tell you about a few of the pairs of shoe that i really like on the site:

BOOTS--I love boots so much, especially knee high or thigh high boots. I love to wear boots with skirts, dresses, leggings, and pants, especially during this cold weather. Check out these boots that they have online at Sole Society:

They are suede Wedge Boots and they have them in black, brown, or tan! They cost $89.95.
They only have pairs of these Stretch Tall boots in black faux leather. They cost $59.95. Not a bad deal with the $25 off, right?

WEDGES--Wedges are fun to wear. I love wearing them with skirts, dresses, leggings, and pants during the warmer weather. Here are some of my favorites from Sole Society:

These are faux suede and come in purple, grey, and tan. Aren't they cute? They cost $49.95. Use the coupon for an even better deal :-)


--I love the way platforms look. I don't own many but would love to buy some more. They look nice, in my opinion, especially with dresses and skirts, but can also OK really nice with leggings and pants. Theses are a few that I like on the Sole Society website:
These shoes are called Slingback Platforms and they come in silver/grey, blue, and a mix of blue/aqua/red. The blue and the get are faux snake. (Not too crazy about the multicolred ones though...) These babies cost $49.95.


Some of these look really cute with dresses, skirts, leggings, or pants. I only own one pair (not from Sole Society) and wouldn't mind having a pair from them.
They have these Slingback Booties in Burgundy, dark blue, and light tan faux suede. I love the zipper down the front. They are available for $49.95. Not too bad with coupon, I think.

They have several more styles and pairs that you can pick from. They have boots, booties, wedges, platforms, flats, sandals, pumps, and heels. I only named a few that are my own personal wish list. If you're a shoe-aholic like myself, you should definitely check the site out,----- and don't forget to use the code INFLUENSTER25 before it expires!

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