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More Sleep Talking

I think that I mentioned a little bit about my fiance's constant sleep talking in a previous post. I haven't really posted up much about it because I can't always remember the things that he says. The funniest part is that I've been catching myself waking up mid-sentence in my own sleep! So, we have been having conversations in our sleep. Too funny.

Let's see...what can I actually remember him or us saying?

The one that I can remember the best and happened the day before yesterday:

I woke up to him saying "We gotta go get those f***ing guys. We gotta go get take care of them. You ready to do this baby?"
I could kind of see in the room because light was already coming in through the window and he was gesturing with his hands and looking towards me...get this...with his eyes OPEN.

Is that creepy or what? 
so what did I do?

I jumped out the bed and started getting dressed. I was like, "Alright lets go take care of this then. I'm ready babe." (**punching one fist into my other hand** I was ready to do this.)


I'm kidding of course. I just said, "Huh? What guys babe? What are you talking about?" And he just kept staring at me and then turned around and went to sleep again. He didn't respond at all anymore when I tried talking to him again. 

So, I'm wondering if he has his eyes open every time he talks in his sleep. This is the only time I could actually see him so well. He looked so awake though, but very wide-eyed. 

Of course when he woke up he didn't remember a thing.

I will most definitely try and remember the next thing he says or does and post it up soon. 

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