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Montagne Jeunesse Deep Pore Cleansing Masque Review (Influenster)

I mentioned that I received a Holiday Voxbox a few weeks ago and of my favorite products that I was given the chance to try out for FREE was a Montagne Jeunesse Masque. They make several different types of masques for various skin types as well as skin issues. The particular one that I received was the Fruit Smoothie Deep Pore Cleansing Masque in Raspberry and Mango.

Sounds pretty delicious doesn't it?

The name appealed to me very much since I'm actually a big smoothie lover. But no, you can't eat these! This masque does smell really good though...
Since I love to try out different skin products, especially for my face, I was very happy to try this one out.

I read the directions on the package and did exactly what they said to do: 

  1.  I cleansed my face (washed off all of my makeup with soapy water and patted my face dry) 
  2.  Ripped open the packet and applied it thickly on my face. (It smelled so good) I made sure to avoid my eye and mouth areas...

3. I relaxed and watched some TV for 15 minutes (the package says to leave it on between 10-15)
4. Lastly, I rinsed it all off.
5. I patted my face dry and was pleasantly surprised at how soft, clean, and smooth my face felt.
I love this stuff!

My favorite things about this product: 
*Smells good and fruity, not like medicine and not like it's full of chemicals.
 *It goes on smooth and thick 
*Doesn't sting or irritate my skin in any way 
* It's a vegetarian product 
*Very inexpensive
 *Easy to find at many local grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart, target, Kmart, etc.

I actually have no complaints about this product and would LOVE to try all of the different masques that they make!

***Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster and am not being compensated for this review. Al words expressed are solely my opinion.

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