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Have you seen the movie, V/H/S?

I have been hearing a ton of hype about the movie VHS for weeks now. My sister couldn't stop talking about how people were telling her to watch it too. Yesterday a friend of mine said I really had to watch it and said that it was a creepy movie so naturally I searched for it on Netflix and found it. He told me to make sure to watch it when my son was out of the room since it was pretty disturbing.

I waited until my little one fell asleep and put it on for my guy and I.

At first I thought the movie was going to be pretty lame since it started off with people filming one another doing stuff. So many movies do this, and bore me...Blair Witch Project, know what I mean? But things changed fast. Within the first half hour I was getting ready to cover my eyes. Demonic faces/ distortions freak me out. I don't want to ruin the movie for those of you who haven't seen it, but this girl's eyes were tripping me out. I just knew something weird/freaky was bound to happen. What made the movie scarier was the fact that the room was pitch black and it was really late at night, and yes, I was pretty out of it and sleepy.

I tried not to look away for a few scenes but I had to. I think I even shut my eyes...(Don't tell my fiance'...shhh...haha- he couldn't see my face in the dark, I'm sure.)

If you don't pay attention to the movie in the beginning or read a synopsis, then the movie kinda appears to have no plot. It seems like it is just a bunch of random, really freaky mini videos. (This is what threw my fiance' off and made him not really like the film). Whatever. He's never been as into creepy movies as I am.

There was a lot of graphic and gory, disturbing images throughout the film, so do not watch if you have a weak stomach, scare easily, and do not watch with the kiddos around unless you want to scare and scar them. (I would never let my son watch these types of movies until he's way older...) There is a lot of blood and death and evil throughout this movie. Some of the stories are way worse than the others.

I did like this movie, but the ending was not the greatest. Did it scare me----yes! Did I have nightmares afterwards? No, but I also made sure to watch a couple of funny shows right after to keep me from thinking about the scenes in my sleep. lol

Oh and no, there aren't any well known actors or actresses in this---well none that I recognize...

If you like movies like blood, gore, and nightmares, then go right ahead and watch this movie. You might need to keep the light on though...

Video Clip Below!

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