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Firmoo Prescription Glasses Review

My regular pair of glasses lasted about an entire year and finally broke last month. I also wear contacts but contacts can't be worn all day and night. I needed to find a pair of glasses quickly and they had to be very affordable.

I searched online like I normally do, for the best deal possible and came across a site called Firmoo and saw that they had this awesome deal where you can enter a coupon code and get your first pair of glasses (from selected styles, of course), for FREE! All you pay is shipping and also for any add ons, (more about that in a minute). I knew it would be way cheaper than going to an actual eye place around town.

It's very easy to create an account and if you already have a facebook account, you can use that to log in with.---Just click on the little facebook symbol at the top and login.

Here are some of the coolest things about the site:

  • First pair of glasses is free for new customers (from a big selection of glasses that they picked) code is FIRMOOFREE
  • Free shipping on orders over $39.00 with code FREESHIP
  • Great selection of glasses to pick from, so many different styles
  • Have both prescribed and non-prescribed glasses and sunglasses
  • Very affordable prices
  • Great customer service
Here are the glasses that I bought:

(image borrowed from

The glasses came in a free hard red case, with a cleaning cloth, a soft black pouch that can be used as a case as well and a kit with a tiny screwdriver, extra screws, and extra nose pads. The extra nose pads are rounded and the ones on the glasses are more square, so I guess they gave them to me in case I want to change them. 

The glasses are black metal  with a tiny heart and flower that  has red studs in it. (Very cute!)

These glasses are the Women's Semi-Rimless Metal Frame YD6370.
They come in black or in pink! (see below)
(image borrowed from

Since I used the code FIRMOOFREE, everything only came out to $26! Yes the glasses were free, minus shipping, which was $6.95. The rest was because I wanted thin and light lenses which cost $9.95,  anti-scratch (free), anti-reflective/anti-radiation which cost $2.95 (for when I'm on the computer or watching tv), and UV coating which cost $4.95 (to protect my eyes when I'm outdoors).

I ordered on Dec 26 and they arrived a couple of days ago. Didn't take too long, considering that they were coming al the way from China. 

Final Verdict:
I love my glasses. Yup, they are in the correct prescription and size for my face. They are very comfortable and thin, but sturdy frames. I love the little design on the sides. I also love how affordable they were. The case is very nice and a lot more sturdy than the free cases I've gotten from other sites. It's awesome that it came with a free softer pouch case, cleaning cloth and screwdriver kit.

Do I recommend this site? 
Yes, of course! They have some really nice lenses for both men and women. They have designer lenses, specialty eyewear, RX sunglasses, and non-prescribed glasses as well. Really awesome prices too. The prices start as low as $8!!!!

The site is extremely easy to use. You can also search for your lenses by shape, material, frame, and size. You can search for some of them by price too. Another cool feature is that you can do a virtual try on. So, you can upload a photo of yourself and then try on different frames. I did this before I picked my frames, by the way, and really liked how they looked.

Will I buy from them again in the future?
Yes, I will buy my next pair from them in the future. I also want to try a pair of their sunglasses. 

Disclosure: This review is all my own opinion; I was not compensated by Firmoo in any way.

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