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Elixinol Capsules

Elixinol Capsules
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Big Eye Contact Lenses

Have you ever heard of Big Eye contact lenses or Circle Lenses before? They're pretty popular. There's a picture of one at the top of my blog (UNIQSO big eye contacts)

I've bought a few pairs in the past in quite a few colors and I absolutely loved them. They come in all different colors and they are really cool contact lenses. They have very unique color blends, unlike many of the US brands. I've bought pink, grey blended with light violet, silvery black, black, intense gren, and blue ones. They also make your eyes look a lot bigger, which is one of my favorite things about them. I have bought a few pairs from a couple of different websites before but I recently stumbled upon one website that has amazing deals on their lenses. Right now, here are a few that they are offering:

  • Buy 2 get 1 FREE (on select pairs)
  • Buy 1 get 1 FREE (on select pairs)
  • Spend $30 and up and get a FREE gift
  • .Barbie Ash Series Lenses for $9.80 per PAIR!

You can click on the big eye at the top of my blog for more information if you can't wait till I do my review~ I will be receiving a pair to try out and review soon and I will let you all know even more about them and my own personal opinion on them. Can't wait :)

(This is a picture of me wearing a pair of Hanabi Grey (silvery grey color) lenses from another website...not UNIQSO)

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