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Yes, I will admit that I read every Twilight book in less than a week (I read so many books and am really fast at it...)

When I first saw a copy of Twilight, I was shopping around at Walmart and walked past the "apple in hands" cover. I was like, "What is that book about?" Not sure why the cover caught my eye, but it sure did. I don't even really like apples...

 I read the back and thought that the book sounded like something I would like to read. I'm actually more of a horror novel fan, but I do love vampires and occasionally I like to read books about romance.

I didn't hurry up and buy the book though- just didn't have enough money on me that day, and I had more important things to buy. I even completely forgot about it for a few months. Then, one day I was at one of my friend's birthday parties and I saw his little teen sister sitting on the sofa reading the "apple in hands" book. Suddenly, it all came back to me.

I remembered what it was about. I thought about the fact that it was in a teenage girl's hands, but I was still interested in the book. I asked her about it and she went on and on about how great this Edward character was and about Bella and the Cullens. I was still interested after the conversation that seemed to go on just a little too long.

A friend of mine finally bought the book for me on Christmas and I read it and liked it so I bought the rest and read them all.

I then wanted to see the movies so I've seen them all. Yes I liked them but I still have a few things to say.

Let me tell you, though, and I'm sure many Twilight fans out there may hate me, but I honestly wasn't too crazy about the fact that Kristen Stewart played Bella. I thought Bella was supposed to be can I say this nicely- pretty. I figured since she had a bunch of different guys interested in her (in the book series), she would at least be played by a better looking actress. Not to say that Kristen did a bad job. She did okay, but I think she's just a bit of an awkward girl. HOWEVER, as for looks again, in the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, they put so much makeup on her, that she actually did look slightly pretty in it.

Here's more of my thoughts:
In part one, was I the only one who seemed to notice that Edward's makeup didn't seem to go past his face and front of his neck? Why was his face lighter than everything else? All the other vampires had full makeup on.
Why was Edward constantly making constipated, scrunched up faces in every movie? He looked like he was constantly in pain. I think Robert Pattison did a great job playing Edward though.

My favorite vampire was Alice. She seemed to be the same in all of the movies. I liked that.

Jacob really got serious about his fitness in these movies and had the best physique, towards the end of the series. (Only an opinion, I'm sure many fans will disagree.) His nose is gigantic though and made his character as a werewolf very believable. lol.

Emmett looked the strongest in the beginning and was still muscular, but his muscles looked bloated in the last movie.

Carlisle looked like he was pretty bloated by the end as well, still did a good job acting though.

Esme was sweet and a good actress but her forehead seemed to get bigger each time.

Rosalie's hair didn't match her skin tone even though they made her paler. She did good in her role.

Oh, and what was up with Aro's goofy little laugh in the last movie? It had my fiance' and I cracking up.

Two words- Jasper's hair! Could they make up their mind about his hair and just leave it one way? By the last movie, it had so much product in it that it looked a little nasty. And did anyone else think his "Texas" accent went in and out throughout the series?

The whole C.G.I. baby Renesmee was more than creepy. Happy that she was only a computer generated baby for a short while.

Okay well I think that's enough for now! If I think of anything else I will add it in later!


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