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Talking While Asleep

Have you ever heard someone talking in their sleep?
Could you understand what they were saying?
Did you try to say anything to them and did they respond?
I'm asking because my fiance' is a frequent sleep talker. I mean he talks multiple times a night and also practically every single time he falls asleep. At first I thought that maybe it was due to something he ate or because of stress, but no. He does it no matter what he eats or what has happened throughout the day.
Most times it will wake me up...over and over.
Most times the words are very clear. At other times he sounds like he's speaking another language.
Sometimes I like to respond to whatever he is saying.
Sometimes he'll answer back.
Funny right?
Sometimes I can't sleep because he just won't stop talking.
Sometimes I'll stay up for a little bit just to see what he is going to say.
Sometimes the things he says are about work.
Sometimes he'll be talking about me and how much he loves me.
Sometimes I have no idea what the hell he's talking about.
Sometimes he whispers and it freaks me out a little. (It makes me feel like I'm in a scary movie)
Sometimes he yells.
Sometimes he laughs.
Sometimes he moves his arms around.

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