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OIAJ (Oats in A Jar)

Oats in a jar, also known as oiaj has been all around the web.
Have you heard if it yet? 
I found out about oiaj while browsing through more fitness pics on instagram. So many people are posting up their very own varieties.

Still have no idea what I'm talking about? Let me explain.

It's actually pretty simple ( Here's how I made mine. Feel free to change the ingredients to your liking...
1. You get an empty jar--glass is best or you can recycle an old peanut butter or jelly jar.
2. You make 1/4 c- 1/2 c oats--either in microwave, on the stove, or just let dry oats soak in milk or water. If you are putting the oats in warm, it's best in the glass jar, because you don't want to heat or melt the plastic kind. There is no certain way to make your oats. Make them how you normally would. You can put fruit, honey, sugar, almond milk, soy milk, etc. I personally add whatever fruit I have, honey, peanut butter and 1/2 scoop of my plant protein powder.

3. Let it sit overnight in the jar.

4. In the morning, add in a layer of plain Greek yogurt or flavored (I mixed in another 1/2 scoop of plant protein powder)

5. Add another layer of fruit (all the fruit I use is frozen I just love the texture. I used a mixture of blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and bananas)

6. Add a layer of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or any flavor or use plain soy milk (I mixed flax seed with the milk first, will be using chia seeds as soon as I get some, since many people talk about how great it is) Also, my plant protein powder Lifetime Life Basics plant protein powder with greens, has Chia seeds, pea protein, hemp protein n other goodies mixed in

7. Add in chopped up apple with cinnamon, dry oatmeal or granola, some cinnamon and some coconut flakes or coconut chips

(Most of the ingredients...)

( Mine didn't come out in pretty layers like many other people's because I made it in a rush, but it was delicious! I'll try to make a better one next time and post up a pic of that) I ate it this morning and I loved it-it was healthy and very filling. I will definitely be making another for tomorrow.

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