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Oh The Holidays

Haven't posted up too much  in the last few days because I was busy with all of the holiday madness. Helping the family search around for Christmas gifts, some decorating, cleaning up around the house and scheduling a Christmas family with my in laws and my family. I cooked some stuffed mushrooms that came out pretty good. I love mushroms. My mom made a turkey lasagna with some garlic bread. My fiance's mom made a smoked turkey, a couple of spinach salads, some veggie sides, and some yummy desserts. I got a variety of pita chips, hummus and other dips to add in as well. There was so much food and it all looked great but I did pretty good as far as portion control. I mainly ate the salads and veggie sides, pita chips and hummus. I had a few of my mother in law's desserts be a use she is an awesome baker and makes these delicious rocky road bars and brownies. I just had a few, I swear...hehe
Anyway, we all ate, talked, watched movies and sat around exchanging gifts. It was great. I know everyone really enjoyed themselves and everyone took home a ton of food as well.

After Christmas I made sure to hit the gym and worked my butt off. I upped my weights a bit in body pump, pushed myself even further I. Cx Word and danced like crazy in Zumba. Also on the days I wasn't at the gym, I continued eating my oats in a jar every single morning and ate fairly healthy throughout the day. I added in my pyramid workouts, which have gotten easier each time. I'm starting to see a little more definition in my oblique and my jeans are fitting a little looser. My legs and butt are looking and feeling more firm too. I'm very happy and love that what I'm doing is obviously working for me.

New Year's Eve is right around the corner. Not sure what our plans are going to be but I'm definitely looking forward to my New Year's kiss from the man I've been deeply in love with since we started dating a few years ago. He's amazing. Enough said about that. As for a New Year's resolution---I'm looking forward to us getting married next year and going on our honeymoon. I also plan on continuing my healthy eating habits and eating as clean as possible. I would love to be able to look damn good in a bikini next year. (I say this every year, but this time I have a great feeling that it will actually be possible. I've been pushing myself harder than ever before and seeing the best results I've ever seen. Not going to give up. I can do this.

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