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My Favorite Vlogs on YouTube

Do you like watching Vlogs? Or are you sitting there wondering what the hell a Vlog is?

Vlog=a video blog

Vlogs are becoming more and more popular everyday. I love watching them on youTube. I eventually want to have my own but I need to come up with some more interesting things to talk about.

My current favorites on youTube are:
  • (Promise Phan's channel full of amazing makeup transformations. This girl can transform herself into virtually any celebrity or character. She also has some great regualr makeup tips.)

  • (Bunny is a very outgoing and funny girl who talks about her thrift store and other hauls, product reviews, paranormal activities, beauty tips, and more. She cracks me up with her awesome sense of humor. She's a bit of a wild girl but a lot of people love her channel.)

  • (This girl is hilarious. She posts up new videos about the silliest and also most absurd things every wednesday. Sometimes she does videos with her boyfriend that are also pretty funny.)
I will keep adding more to this list. Hope you check out the ones that I have posted so far :)

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