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Loving the Gym

I went to the gym on monday---did body combat and body pump with a 15 minute break in between. Those classes were awesome ad usual! I'm pretty proud of myself because I upped my weights for each set we did in body pump. I almost didn't because I wasn't sure I was ready, but I pushed myself. I also pushed myself in body combat .

Today I took body pump again (same weights-yay) and then Cx worx. Zumba was cancelled because the instructor had a medical emergency. I decided that I would make up for that catdio by running a couple of miles on the treadmill and then "climbing the hill" on it. I set the incline function to really high and climbed, climbed, climbed. It was all a great workout.

I just kept thinking about all of the beautiful girl ABS and arms I've been seeing online. Hell, if they can do it, then I know I can too! I would absolutely love to have a nice hard midsection...My fiance' has an incredible body so I would like to look a bit better. He thinks I'm beautiful and always compliments me but I personally would like to look more toned. My arms and shoulders and legs are looking very nice and I can slightly see ab lines, so i am totally not giving up any time soon!
I know I am gonna be sore tomorrow or the day after but it's so worth it. You know, when I first started body pump, I thought it looked easy so i used heavier weights than I should have, and sure it was an alright workout, I thought, until a day and a half later when I was so sore. I really hurt myself. I felt like my muscles in my arms and legs were torn to shreds and I could barely walk. I was such an idiot for pushing it too far when i hadn't worked out mch for months. I had a bruised arm too. Oh god I was in so much freqkin pain! did I cry a little? I sure felt like I wanted to! I was hurting so bad that I was scared to try it again. My mom used to be a body builder years ago, so she gave me some advice about not going so heavy too soon since I hadn't lifted weights in years and she encouraged me to go again.

After I finally healed, I went back and used less weight, also added some protein powder to my diet and kept at it every week. I'm glad I went back. I haven't foolishly tried to add too much too soon again. I've been upping my weight slowly very couple of weeks and have made great progress. I feel so much stronger and can see a lot more definition. When i get a more toned stomach I will be posting up before and after pics.

Can't wait...

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