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Influnster UPDATE on Head And Shoulders Damage Rescue

I finally got a chance to use the Head and Shoulders Damage Rescue shampoo and conditioner after coming home from the gym with dirty, sweaty hair. I had a really good workout--took 3 classes in a row so my hair was pretty nasty.

Believe me, I was more than happy to wash it as soon as I came home. And I was also excited because I love trying out new products...(in case you didn't read my previous posts, I'm a member of Influenster and received 2 full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner COMPLIMENTARY--i love being a member!

Back to my review...
Let me start by talking about the shampoo. It is a 14.2 FL OZ bottle! The bottle states that it "leaves hair up to 10 X stronger, conditions to nourish damaged hair, helps relieve dryness, locks in moisture, relieves irritation, has a rich nourishing formula with 3 conditioning ingredients, is gentle and pH balanced and can be used on color treated or perms, and also helps get rid of dandruff." -wow after reading all that, of course I wanted to use it on my hair last night.
I used the shampoo and let me start off by saying, it did not really lather up the way my shampoo bars do (yes I normally use shampoo bars. They usually work better on my hair that traditional liquid shampoos.), so I added a little more than I probably needed to. Even then, no lather. And I let it sit for a little while, rinsed and repeated. Surprisingly my hair was already feeling pretty soft after the rinse. I didn.'t like that it didn't lather up but I did like that my hair was already feeling softer!

Now onto the conditioner. It came in a 13.5 FL OZ bottle! The bottle states that it "conditions to nourish damaged hair with a light peach scent, helps relieve dry scalp, leaves hair smooth, soft and manageable, gentle and Ph balanced to use even on color treated and permed hair, has an advanced formula that also helps to relieve dryness, itching, and irritation while restoring a healthy moisture barrier for improved hair and scalp health." I used it on my hair and let it sit for a few minutes, which I always like to do when i use conditioner because I usually get better results, and then rinsed out. I towel dried my hair and ran my hair through my curls. Yup, it did feel even softer and clean too. As for the "light peach scent"? Well my hair is pretty short, so I could barely smell my strands. I had my fiance smell it and he said it does smell a little like peach, but not much.

My opinion on these two products? I guess it would only be fair to use it a few more times to get the best results. The bottle says to use at least twice a week, so i will be doing that for sure. Honestly, I have used Head and Shoulders in the past...many, many YEARS ago...and I remember the old formula being pretty strong as far as scent and making my scalp pretty tingly after. This stuff? The scent is nowhere near as peachy as I would like it to be. I like when i can smell my shampoo and conditioner in the shower while I'm showering and for days after too. Don't that's the case here. Yes I have a very slight tingly feeling. And yes the old stuff worked for dandruff. I've gotten a little lately from some stuff I was using in my hair. It's not too noticeable but it's there. Hopefully this new Advanced will make it all go away. I looked in the mirror and can see a few tiny flakes I type this. TMI? Sorry

PROS: great size and shape of bottles, love that it leaves my hair soft, refreshing tingle after use, hair feels very clean

CONS: wish it had a stronger scent, shampoo doesn't lather enough

(Yes this product contains pyrithione zinc for dandruff which may be what causes the tingle. It's the active ingredient.)

In case you're wondering how the condition of my hair/scalp was before using this product--my hair is extremely thick and curly. I straighten it a few times a week with a flat iron, I blow dry it, henna color it, I use heat protectant and argan oil in my hair, I brush it often, I comb it when i straighten and I wash it two to three times a week. Yes there is some damage in it. Henna has helped a lot, but it's still a little bit damaged. It gets frizzy, there's a tiny amount of breakage, and a little dandruff.

I will keep posting updates about the condition of my hair over the next few weeks, whether it improves or worsens.

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