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Have you heard of a Pyramid workout?

I finally joined Instagram a few days ago and started looking at different fitness pages. I saw so many about these pyramid workouts--is that what they're called?

Anyway, the one I decided to try was on a girl named #shelbythacker 's page. She has some great workout posts up and impressive ABS so of course I was up to trying it out. The workout consisted of 40 Russian twists with weights, 30 second plank, 20 crunches, 10 leg lifts, 20 crunches, 30 second plank, 40 Russian twist with weight. It didn't sound too hard and I commented telling her that I would be adding it to my normal workout schedule. Since it is a beginner's workout, she told me to feel free to add in something else if I wanted to, like 50 in and outs. I actually aaded in 50 side crunches and 100 jumping jacks. I usually do 100-200 jumping jacks every other day, whenever I have free time around the house. They're great for a little extra cardio!

So, I did the workout the day before yesterday and I liked it. The Russian twists were not as easy as I thought, but it was just because it was a little hard for me to keep my legs raised the whole time.

The leg raises were a tiny bit difficult but there were only 10. Everything else was very easy because I do planks and a variety of crunches all the time. I plan on doing this workout often and can't wait to see better results.

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