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BzzAgent UPDATE On Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Face Care Line

Just thought I would create an updated post on one of my favorite products that i received for FREE from Bzzagent.

I am still hooked on the Burt's Bees Intense Hydration face care line with Clary Sage in it. And with the crazy temperatures flucating from hot to freezing here in Texas, you better believe that I need a product like this line that can keep my face super soft. Otherwise, my face would probably be peeling pretty bad right about now.

Now I try to use the Intense Hydration Cleanser in the morning and the evening every single day. I find that it works best if I use a little plastic scrub pad (from an old loreal face cleanser--it's oval shaped and meant to be used with a different face wash that really didn't soften my face as well as Burt's Bees). I squeeze a little bit onto the scrub pad and massage it all over my face, slowly. Then I leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse it off. It removes my makeup, makes my skin feel fresh and leaves it amazingly soft. The Intense Hydration night cream is still working wonderfully like I stated in a previous post. It makes my skin so soft overnight. When I wake up, my face feels so nice and smooth. The Intense Hydration Mask is also still a product I continue to use at least once a week, twice if the weather is really cold so my skin won't really dry out. Love it!

I must admit that I'm going to be a little sad when these bottles are out. I say this because I do still feel that the price is a little high for each of these products, but they do all work so well. Not that I'll be running out just yet...The mask tube has quite a bit left and so does the night cream container. as for the cleanser, it's a lot less than the other two, but the is enough to last me for weeks.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I am still very happy with the product, I recommend it to anyone who would like their skin to be softer, smoother, feel refreshed, cleaner, and even make your skin look a bit more youthful. (Wish they could have sampled a hand care line too because my hands are so dry and the lotion I'm currently using doesn't seem to be helping one bit. Luckily one of my next Bzz campaigns will be on a Norwegian Hand Lotion. Will be receiving and reviewing soon. :-) Stay tuned...

****I love Bzzagent so much. Yes all products I receive from them are sent compkimentary for me to keep, try out and review. I am not being paid by them or any other company. All opinions expressed in my blogs are solely mine and you are free to agree or disagree with me...

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