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Bzzagent Review On Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream -Great For Hands And Nails Too

If your skin gets super dry and cracks during the colder seasons, I can totally relate. My skin gets dry, especially my hands. When I say dry, I mean ashy, cracked and scaley. My hands almost look slightly reptilian. Ew. I know. As a bzzagent I was offered the opportunity to review Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and I checked the mailbox everyday in anticipation of it arriving.

Then, it finally arrived. My hands just happened to be extra dry that day, so of course I ripped the box open, looked over the official bzzguide and found the tube of lotion that was mine to keep.

As you can see in the picture, not only did I receive my very own full sized bottle, but some little samples to share as well.

The full sized bottle looked smaller than I had imagined it would be, (only 2 OZ), but the bottle says "just a dab heals dry skin." I'm sorry Neutrogena, but have you seen my hands before?

OMG right? OK, so those are two before photos.

And I knew there was no way a little dab would help. I used a dab and they were still pretty dry, so then I squeezed a bit more...

I really rubbed it all over my hands, focusing on the cuticles as well, because the bzzguide says that this cream works very well on not only your hands, your cuticles and nails, your knees, your face, lips;any dry skin.

Was I pleased with the results? Here's a few photos of the results:

The results are pretty noticeable, right? Yes it was more than a tiny dab, but you have no idea how different my hands felt afterwards! And my nails!( added a nail painting tutorial below)---they looked really nice afterwards. The lotion went on pretty thick, almost like Vaseline---I actually loved that a lot. My hands feel so smooth and much softer. The bottle does say "dry, cracked hands noticeably softer after just one aplication" and that's no lie! I have been using it every day since I got it. (Actually my fiance', Ryan, and I have been sharing my bottle and have both been pretty pleased with the turnout.)

I use it on my face during the day, under my makeup, and on my lips and it keeps my skin moisturized, smooth, and soft, like my hands all day and sometimes even till the next day, depending on how cold the weather is. I love this product and I do recommend it for anyone with similar skin issues. Your skin will thank you!

In case this is the first post of mine that you have read, I would like you to know that I am a bzzagent and received this product for free to keep and review. I am not being paid to do so. Also, all the opinions are my own.

A Quick Step by Step Nail Tutorial---Make Your Manicure Look Even Better with Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Handcream
Tools Used: Sally Hansen Nail Hardener (Hard as Nails), Santee Magnetic Nail Polish in Forest Green, Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream I bought the Sally Hansen polish at Family Dollar for under 2 dollars and the Santee Magnetic Nail polish at a dollar store for $1! Most other stores sale magnetic polish for $7- $10!)

Step 1. Apply nail hardener as base polish on clean, dry fingernails. Let dry.

Step 2. Apply magnetic polish to thumb nail thickly and hold magnetic lid (is removable from brush, just pull part before using polish) above, but close to nail for about 8 seconds---the longer you hold it, the more intense the result pattern will be...

Step 3. Do this to each nail, ONE AT A TIME, because if you paint each nail and wait til the end to hold the magnet over them, the polish will be dry and the effect won't happen
Step 4. After the polish is dry, apply another coat of Sally Hansen Nail Hardener. Let dry completely.
Step 5. Squeeze Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream into hand and rub in, focusing on cuticles and nails.

Step 6. Show off your awesome nails!

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