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BzzAgent Review On COVERGIRL Blast Flipsticks

So I received yet another great product to review, since I'm a bzzagent. This time it was a makeup review-yay!

Like many girls, I love makeup...especially when its FREE.
I'm pretty sure you've heard of the brand, Covergirl...I've bought several Covergirl products and have been pretty happy with them. I can't really think of any particular one that I've had any problems with in the past.

I've seen so many commercials and magazine ads about the Covergirl Blastflipsticks and my younger sister actually owns a few so I kind of knew what to expect. I was excited to try it out. Honestly, I've never been too crazy about any particular lipstick. (I mentioned this in another post that I wrote.) However, after trying the Blast flipsticks, I think I may have finally found one lipstick that I really like and will definitely be buying in the near future.
In this campaign's buzzkit that was mailed to me, I received an official buzz guide with Sofia Vergara's on both cover and last page. She is actually in many of the ads for this Covergirl product...and the guide was also full of a lot of information on the product line. After reading this buzz guide, I learned that:
  • *Blastflipsticks are dual ended lipsticks--one side is creamy and the the is shimmery
  • *They are all blendable. You can use the dark shade under the light or vice versa, and youcan also wear the shades alone (that's a total of 4 different shades in one stick!)
  • *There are 13 shades that you can choose from
  • *They have a moisturizing formula that is neither supposed to feel heavy or dry *They can be found in most large retailers, grocery stores and drug stores
  • *They cost about $8.49 at most stores but I've seen them as low as $7.97

I was also sent a total of 20 coupons for $2 off the purchase of 1 Blastflipstick ( a nice little discount there.) Also, they don't expire till April 30 of next year.

Best part of my bzzkit? They sent me THREE full sized lipsticks. I received Vixen (my favorite), which is a light shimmery pink on one end and a creamy darker Burgundy pink on the other. Stunner is one that I am not going to open, because I know that it is a shade that I will actually never use. It is a creamy reddish pink on one end and a shimmery bright golden orange on the other end. I am possibly sending that one as a gift to Grav3yardGirl on youtube who loves recieving mail from her viewers. She might also give it away on her vlog channel...Lastly, the third one that I received is called Minx and it is a dark creamy brown on one end and a shimmery gold on the other. The gold is an okay color but I personally think that the brown is a bit too dark for my skin tone. I am actually giving this one to my mom because she loves those two shades.

here is the light shimmery pink alone:

here is the burgundy shade alone:

here is the Burgundy under the pink:

here is the pink under the burgundy:

Did I love or hate the product?
 I liked the Vixen one a lot. In fact, I plan on using it often. I like that it actually does leave my lips soft and moisturized, something that I was definitely not expecting from any lipstick. I also loved the light pink shimmery shade. Most of my lip balms and glosses are either light pink or clear. I do kind of like the Burgundy shade as well but mostly only like to wear it if I apply that shade underneath the light pink one. I like that it stays on for hours and didn't smear all over my mouth when I ate or drank something. Oh, and my fiance' thought that both shades looked nice on me. As for the Minx one, I tried the gold shade and thought it looked okay, but not really my style, and the brown was darker than I like.

Yes, I would recommend this product to other people, especially those who like the option of blending shades or using them alone. Not many other lipsticks offer this sort of flexibility. And there are so many different color duos to pick from!

P.S.if you came here directly from my video on YouTube, then you are aware that I will be giving away some FREE coupons since I have several left. If you are interested in receiving a FREE coupon, please comment on this post with your email address and I will email you for your mailing info and send out the coupons until they run out. I will of course post up when I am out of them.

Looking forward to the next campaign...

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