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Product Review On Maybelline Baby Lips Quenched

I am a huge fan of lip balms and lipgloss. As for lipstick, I think it's okay, but I can never really find a shade that I love. (Hopefully that will change after trying on the very cool COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick Lipstick product review that I have to do for BzzAgent--a new post will be up about that ASAP)
This is one of my own product reviews for a product that was purchased for me. My sister kept going on and on about how great Maybeline's Baby Lips lip balm are. She knows I love lip balm and told me I just had to try it. So, my wonderful fiance' bought me one to try out. I didn't want to get something that had an intense color so I picked one that was a clear color. It's called number 5 Quenched.

According to the label, it works as sunscreen (SPF 20) for your lips. It says to apply it liberally to your lips 15 minutes before go out into the sun, and to reapply every 2 hours, but it also claims to protect your lips and keep them hydrated for up to 8 hours. Love the sound of that!
I put it on my lips and it made my lips feel very smooth, soft, and shiny. I love that. Would this last 8 hours? No way, I said to myself...and did it? No, but I'm sure it rubbed off when I ate and drank stuff throughout the day. So, I just replied again like it said on the label and hello, they were soft and smooth and shiny again. I figured maybe they would start feeling even softer if I used the product often, for a few days? I read that the product has been shown to renew your lips visibly in a matter of 4 weeks? I've only been using the product for about a week and haven't noticed a huge difference, but then again my lips were in pretty good condition to start off with. (I had been using Chapstick to fight against the cold fall and winter air.) I will admit that I do like the product more than Chapstick. Chapstick doesn't leave my lips as shiny, for one thing. Also, Baby Lips isn't as thick as Chapstick when you glide it on.
There are 6 different shades that you can pick from. My sister tells me that her favorites are the ones called Peach Kiss which is a dark peach and Cherry Me which has a redder tone to it. She claims that she likes the colors and that they are more like lipstick. She also said that the Cherry Me one hydrates betterand lasts longer than Quenched. I have yet to try those two out... Here is a link for more info on the Baby Lips line:

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