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Influenster--What's it all about?

I just wanted to include this post to explain to everyone what the hype is about Influenster. This is a long post but it is full of everything you should know about Influenster and why I love it so much.

I love product review sites so I became a member not too long ago. I read about it on a Squidoo page and it sounded great.

Basically, Influenster is a site that is 100% free to join and you are asked to simply give your opinion on products that you use or have used in the past. You share what you like and dislike about these products through blogs, reviews, videos, pictures, etc. You can link to your social networking sites as well--i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... You get points for everything that you do, which is pretty awesome too.

INFLUENSTER= YOU influence future products!

You are also given survey questions to answer and then they custom tailor products to you and you are sent a VoxBox (your sample), in the mail, which is also 100% free. Many of the products may be new and something that you've never heard of before, or it might be something you have heard of before from a well-known brand. You try that product out and are then asked to do a few VoxBox tasks for it. It may be a mandatory task or extra bonus tasks that you are asked to do. You might be asked to answer some post survey questions, play a game, and like I said before, post a picture up on your social networking sites that you are a member or, write a review  about it, create a YouTube video about it. And, NO, they don't expect you to say that you like a product if you really don't! They want your honest opinion. If you don't like it- let people know. And say why you don't like it too. People out there want to hear what real people think about different products. It helps many of them determine whether or not the product is something that they would like or dislike as well. You are also welcome to read other members reviews and comment. (It's a very friendly community, by the way.)

You are also given Brand Challenges that you can choose to take or not. They are different for every product. You are given the opportunity to possibly win some great prizes if you do decide to participate though.

A really nice plus to Influenster is its reward system. It's is a fun and friendly type of competition between you and other reviewers. You get points that increase your Influenster score and you also receive Badges on your profile page. Your score is calculated by not only your amount of social networking and input on the Influenster website but also changes based off of the ranking of other members. Other members can give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on your reviews and depending on whether or not they find your review helpful or insightful. This is why you want to write high quality, honest reviews. YOUR SCORE DEPENDS ON IT! AND YOU WANT A HIGH SCORE :)

I mentioned Badges above. Let me tell you a little more about that.
You see, so you receive Badges--there are Lifestage Badges and Expert Badges. Lifestage Badges "reflect who you are and where you are in your life" (straight from the website). You can get an unlimited amount of these. For instance, there are sections that you can go to that involve your parenting skills if you are a parent, pets section if you have pets, collegiate section if you are a student, bridal section if you are a bride to be, and many, many more. You may not be any of these things yet, but your life changes all the time, and if you later become involved in these things, then go ahead and click on that section and share what you know.
Expert Badges are a little different because they are limited. You can't possibly be an expert in everything, right? Of course not, but if there is something that you are really good at or know a lot about, there are quite a few different sections here that you can pick from and share your skills and knowledge about.
One other badge you can get is the Influenster Badge. This is the most important badge and trust me, you want it! To receive this badge, you can link your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter account to your profile, invite your friends to join, share your blogs or Pinterest boards. 

I'm still pretty new to Influenster and have only received one product to try--the Crest 3D White Whitening Strips and I did my reviews on it and well as an unboxing video on YouTube. I also shared my opinion with my Twitter buddies and Facebook friends. I've also written a few other reviews on the website about other products that I know about and have used or currently used. I'm working on keeping my score high and receiving as many badges as I can.

The bottom line--Influenster is FUN and FREE. I love it and I hope to get the opportunity to review many other products. I love sharing my opinions about things and hope that people will find my advice and tips helpful. If this sounds like something that you would also love to be a part of, here is a link to join: Request an Invite by Clicking Here.

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