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Influenster Review on Dino Lingo Italian

As a member of Influenster I was given a very cool opportunity to watch a variety of language learning programs for kids. I was given the opportunity to watch a complimentary video clip, since like I've stated in other posts, Influenster is a website in which their members are given products to try out and review for absolutely free...

Anyway, I was told to pick from a number of different Dino Lingo cartoons in several different languages. Dino Lingo videos were created to teach children how to speak different languages in a fun, creative, and easy way.

I, personally, LOVE programs that teach you how to speak in different languages. I can speak a bit of Spanish, but understand it very well and also took both American sign language and Italian in college, both of which I had excellent grades in. I just love the idea of being able to speak in different languages. It's a lot of fun.

My 4 year old son actually watches a ton of different cartoons that teach Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese (a little bit in the show Ni Hao Kai Lan). He loves to learn new words and speak them around the house. So, I knew he would just love watching the Dino Lingo collection.

I picked the video clips in Italian and the one in Spanish for him and my 4 year old neice to watch and they thought they were great. They had so much fun watching both clips and wanted to watch them both over and over again. They both already know many of the words in the Spanish one and can now say a few in Italian as well. The programs had them both laughing and repeating words and were very easy for them to understand.

I would actually like to own the entire collection of Dino Lingo videos.

Here is a link to the Italian video clip:Dino Lingo in Italian Video and More Info.  to share with your own kids.

 The Italian set actually comes with a total of 5 DVDs, some posters, books, a guide for parents and 150 flash cards! It teaches both you and your child the names of everyday items and many basic phrases in Italian. It is great for children between the ages of 2 and 7 but I would even show it to kids under the age of 2 since it is entertaining and I also think that it is a wonderful idea to start teaching your children new things as early as possible. It's what I did with my little boy :)

I recommend this to any parents out there looking for a fun but still educational program for their son or daughter. I'm sure your kids will love it!

There are many other languages that you can choose from and all of the sets basically come with the same items, except in the particular language that you choose, as well as a small dinosaur plush toy! For more info on the other languages available, you can click on this link: Dino Lingo Official Website.

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