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Influenster Product Review on Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects

Received my first Vox Box from a company called Influenster. Basically, it's another site that I am a member of that gives you surveys to fill out and they match products that you receive, try out, and review. And, yes, it's FREE!

I have been a member for over a month and finally received a message saying that I had been accepted to receive a Vox Box with an oral aesthetics product but did not specify which. I was excited because I love reviewing my free products :)

Box arrived in the mail, and on the back it said Crest 3D White Whitestrips...

Let me tell you how I felt after reading the back of the box---NERVOUS!

Why, you ask?
Because I have heard so many stories about these whitening kits and how painful they can be in your mouth!

I do, have a pretty high pain tolerance---I've had over 30 piercings done throughout my lifetime and a tattoo and was fine, but when it comes to my teeth, they are a bit sensitive. I do, however, like the idea of having really white teeth and have seen some beautiful after photos that other people have posted around the web.
So, I, of course, said, "I'll just give them a try and if my teeth get too sensitive and I end up being in a lot of pain, I will discontinue using the product."
I opened the box and the product was called Crest 3D White White Strips Intensive Professional Effects and the package states that you are supposed to wear one on the top and one on the bottom for 2 HOURS for 7 days straight! Sounds a bit horrible to me. They also do warn that you may experience some tooth discomfort/sensitivity while using this product--Definitely not looking forward to that! It did, however, say that the sensitivity or discomfort is temporary and not harmful in any way.
Alright, here we go...................................................
What I'm going to do is take a before picture and a picture each day that I use the product and let you all know how it goes (that is, if I can get through the whole week)
By the way, my teeth are not the straightest, nor the prettiest, so I'm warning you. And here is a before photo:
They have always been a little crooked, but I'm used to them and I have only had 2 minor cavities in my entire life, which were recently filled (towards the back, unseen in this picture).
And the whitening journey begins...I hope it won't hurt too much...
Day #1
  • Made sure my teeth weren't too slippery
  • Took a deep breath
  • Told myself, "this won't be so bad..."
  • Opened one little packet
  • Placed one strip on bottom row of teeth--pretty easy to do.
  • Placed one strip on top row--just as easy.
  • Smiled for the camera once again
It was really easy to put them on. I read somewhere online that you should try and place them directly on teeth and try to avoid as much of your gums as possible. This was a bit hard to do, but I did it as best as I could.
These strips really stick in place, so the package says that you should be able to talk and drink water (nothing other than water).
After maybe 10 minutes, and I am being honest, I started to feel a slight tingling on one tooth on the right side. Then it went away. And came back a few minutes later. I opened my tooth and saw that it was touching more of my gums on the right side than I would have liked and after moving the strip a little lower on my tooth, the tingling stopped.
I decided that if I started feeling it again or if it worsened, I wouldn't keep the strips on for the whole 2 hours, maybe 1 hour or even 30 minutes if it got too bad.
I quickly learned that if I clenched my teeth or spoke too much or opened my mouth for more than a few seconds, I started to feel the tiniest amount of discomfort in my mouth. I'm not saying that this happens to everyone, but it is what happened to me.
I also didn't really enjoy the buildup of saliva that kept occuring inside of my mouth. I had to keep spitting out a whole glob every 15 minutes or so. Luckily, I was just going to be home all day, so I didn't have to do this in front of anybody.
I managed to get through the whole 2 hours without any major discomfort. I peeled the strips off, also very easy again, and threw them away. Then I rinsed out my mouth a few times. All I could feel was a little pressure on my teeth, but it wasn't painful. It just felt like something had been against my teeth, which was true of course.

     Here is the after photo from Day#1!
I was happy that I had made it through and even said, "Wow, that wasn't bad at all. I could totally do this for the rest of the week." Ha, they actually already look a little whiter in my opinion! Wow only after one use (2 hours).
It's been about 4 hours since I removed the strips and I'd say around the 3rd hour is when I started to feel sensitivity in my entire mouth. My teeth hurt a bit, not super painful, but yes uncomfortable. I brushed my teeth with some Sensodyne which helped a little but they seem to be increasing in sensitivity even as I am typing this. Not fun!
I hope that they don't get more sensitive than this. If they do, then I'm not sure if I'll be willing to go through a few more days of this. I will keep you updated in the next post. . .


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