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BzzAgent Review on Burts Bees Intense Hydration UPDATE

Well, if you have been reading my posts, then you are aware that I was given a product as a BzzAgent from Burts Bees. It was called the Burts Bees Intense Hydration Face Care line. It included a cream cleanser, treatment mask and night cream.

I have been using it for a little over a month now and have been happy with the product since the week I started.

I use the cream cleanser in the morning and evening, the mask once a week, and the night cream every night (I missed a night or two because I fell asleep early--I was  just so tired~)

 My skin still feels amazing. It looks a lot smoother (in person, don' t know if you'll be able to tell in the pic that I am including), feels very soft and supple, looks younger and my pores are way less visible. Another great thing? I've noticed that I can use less foundation to cover up spots on my face because my skin has a more even color tone now.

I love this stuff! My skin is always so, so bad around this time of year. I mean dry and peeling pretty badly. It's usually embarrassing! Well, this year it hasn't been peeling nearly as bad. I say this because I did have one bad day of peeling around my nose, but it was because I had fallen asleep without putting my night cream on and it was really cold that night. No matter, though, because the next day I used the mask, which is a dream product. It makes my skin even softer and keeps it moisturized all day if you use it in the morning.

I will be buying this product after my samples run out. There is still a lot left in each, so hopefully I won't have to be running to the store any time soon. The products may work great, but I don't think that the prices are too nice...

Here is my after picture


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