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BzzAgent Review On Afrin No Drip Original Nasal Spray Update

I said I would post up an update on this nasal mist product and so here it is: First off, yes it did help me breathe better for the first few hours. well, it does say it's supposed to provide 12 hr relief right?

HOWEVER, after a few more hours my nose started to get pretty irritated and then it even started to get pretty runny. Not fun. Especially since I was headed to the gym later that evening. Imagine being in the middle of a body pump weight lifting class in the middle of a squats track and having to wipe your nose with a tissue. Absolutely horrible. It also sucked when I was in my body combat class shortly before, throwing my kicks and punches and having the sniffles. I didn't enjoy that one bit.

My final opinion on the product? Well, in case you didn't catch, from my first post on the product, I have never been a huge fan of nasal spray. I don't like the thought of shooting a liquid spray or mist up my nostrils. I do not plan on using ANY nasal spray or mist in the near future. I'd rather just sit in my bathroom with a hot shower running and just relax and let the steam decongest me. It's way more soothing.

I'm not trying to scare anyone away from using the product. In fact, after reading other people's reviews it seems to me that many allergy-sufferers are quite fond of the product and say it works great for them. Maybe it will work for you. Perhaps I just have a really sensitive nose.

In case you are still interested in trying the product, I still have a few coupons leftover. They are for 3 dollars of Afrin NoDrip Original 12 Hr spray. You can comment on this post with your email and I will contact you for your mailing details. I only have a few so I will let you know when they run out.

FYI: I will be starting a new BzzAgent campaign on the COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick Lipsticks and will be posting up my opinions very soon....stay tuned!

(Doesn't bzzagent sound great? If you are interested in also becoming one, here is a link to their website where you can get more info:

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