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BzzAgent Review on Afrin No Drip Original

I never really had a problem with nasal congestion until a few years ago. Don't know why that is...

Well, I actually never used anything for congestion. If I were sneezing or had other symptoms, I'd take some cold medication, but it didn't always help the congestion. So, I'd just accept it and go on with my day, miserable and stuffy...

Someone told me one day--"Hey, why don't you just use nasal spray?" And, I was like, "Hmm...I don't know. I guess I just never really thought about it." So, I headed down to Walmart and purchased a store brand bottle that you squirt a few drops up your nose.

Now this was not a very pleasant experience. I don't normally squirt anything up my nose so it felt very strange and I immediately felt this cold liquid slowly dripping down into the back of my throat. Oh, and the taste was just nasty. I figured that it was normal since I couldn't figure out how I could expect something liquid to stay up in my nasal cavity.
After a few hours, I could still taste it, but yes, I could breathe better. I just decided I would use it very seldomly, if I was extremely congested.
Anyway, since I am a BzzAgent as you already know, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Afrin NoDrip Original Nasal Spray campaign. At first, I was pretty reluctant to try it, knowing how much I disliked my previous experience with the store brand kind. Then I read a little more about the product and the words, No Drip caught my attention. No Drip, huh? Sounds better than Severe Drip down my throat with the old stuff...
This is what was sent to me in the mail: A pack of $3 off coupons to share with friends and a 1/2 FL OZ bottle of Afrin No Drip Original Nasal Spray

So, I gave the product a try-- As the directions clearly stated-- I shook the bottle well, removed the maroon plastic cap, depressed the pump a few times (and accidentally squirted some up in the air--I was following the directions though lol), and then placed the nozzle up one nostril, sprayed the mist and sniffed deeply. Then, of course, I wiped the nozzle clean.
It didn't feel like the stuff from Walgreens stuff right from the start. I mean it was a little cold but went up my nose so quickly and didn't drip like the other stuff. I felt a very slight drip, but maybe I didn't sniff hard enough? Either way it didn't drip like the other one. It also didn't taste nearly as horrible as the other kind. I could taste it a little bit, but I guess, and perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems a little difficult to not taste something that is being squirted into your nose, right?
Alright, so, the bottle says that it provides 12 hour relief. It's only been about 5 hours. I can breathe just fine but I won't know how long it works until later. I do have a little bit of the taste still lingering in my throat though. I will post an update later on.
The bottle also states that you should not "exceed 2 doses in any 24-hour period" and "do not use for more than 3 days." If you use it too often you might make the congestion worse or cause it to last longer. Also it does say that it might cause "temporary discomfort such as burning, stinging, sneezing or an increase in nasal discharge may occur". As for that, I feel a very, very slight irritation, but nothing that I can't handle. Compared to the Walgreens brand, which I forgot to mention that I did feel an irritation with as well, it's pretty much the same.
So far, as far as I can tell, the product works pretty well. But, I will post an update if there are any serious changes or side effects. Is it my favorite? No, I still think I'll use the product seldomly. I don't really enjoy squirting products up my nose.
You should definitely consult your doctor before trying this stuff if you have heart disease, thyroid disease, an elarged prostate gland, high blood pressure, diabetes, are pregnant or breast feeding (all words came straight off the bottle).

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