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Who am I?

Ok, so you accidentally stumbled across my blog page because you hit "Next blog" or whatever, at the top of the screen, right? And now you're like, who is this woman? Well, allow me to introduce myself...

You can call me Lilith. Nice to meet you!!

I am a mommy, a fiancee, a big sister, a daughter, and an aunt. I love to write, draw, sing, dance, workout, play with my son, cook, meditate, do yoga, eat healthy, read A LOT, and make people laugh.

At the moment, I am currently trying to homeschool my son, trying to build quality lenses on, and trying to get a book published.

My fiance and I recently completed a book. It is a paranormal/horror type novel and consists of about 140,000 words. We worked really hard on it and getting it published is the next step. We tried getting it out to publishing agents with a number of query letters, but have started to consider self-publishing instead. I am in the process of editing it and self-publishing through amazon so that it can be viewed on electronic devices such as the ultra famous Kindle.

I own one. Do you?
I don't own the Kindle Fire...I wish I did. I own the Kindle Keyboard 3g and I do really, really enjoy using it. I love that I can download books and games in a matter of seconds. Like I mentioned before, I read A LOT. I do. I've been reading books since I was a tiny little kiddo. Reading is my all time favorite hobby besides writing. I've read more books than you can imagine! SERIOUSLY. I can't help it. You put me in any library or a bookstore and I'm gonna walk out with a huge stack of books on all kinds of things.

Getting back to the point.

So, we're gonna try and get our novel published on Amazon ASAP. Hopefully in a matter of days. I can't wait to have it all done. I'm so excited. I love the idea of people all over the world being able to finally read what my fiance and I have been working on. It took over a year to complete!

I am, of course, going to post up a few excerpts from our book soon so that people can preview it before they decide to buy it. If you are into angels, demons, the occult/paranormal and horror genres, I am sure you will enjoy it...

I also review free products for Bzzagent and Influenster. I have so much fun doing this and love that I can do it for absolutely FREE!

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