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Exiled by Ryan and Niki Traynor Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
Walter Lambert arrived home the day after Thanksgiving with his wife Valencia. Their daughter Joyce was found sleeping in the basement tied up with white rope, beaten to a bloody pulp. At the sight of her daughter bound and gagged, Valencia screamed bloody murder. The trauma was too much for her to handle, so Lambert sent his wife upstairs to call an ambulance while he untied the poor girl. Lambert’s colleagues were called to the scene of the crime straight away and they went to work investigating the house.
The neighbors were thoroughly questioned, but none of them had anything to report since they were either out of town or asleep at the time of the burglary. The investigators couldn’t find any fingerprints and were at a loss for evidence. The only thing recovered from the house was a necklace with a heart shaped pendant embedded with small diamond chips. When Lambert fixed his eyes on the necklace, the concern he felt for his daughter turned into violent rage against the owner of the necklace. That necklace rang bells in his head like alarms in a high school instructing kids to switch between class periods. He put on his poker face and told the investigators he’d never seen it before even though he recognized it instantaneously. The blood boiled inside his body as he thought about Michelle Rosenberg.
He’d met her one fateful night at that filthy strip club Essence. She had given him a few dances and made one hell of an impression on him. Stupidly, Lambert let her seduce him and they met up after the club closed at an all night diner a few blocks away. His marriage was having problems and he offered her three hundred bucks to sleep with him at a sleazy motel. She gladly accepted the money, but insisted she wasn’t a hooker. Michelle actually believed she was nothing more than an expensive mistress. It didn’t help that Lambert began to see her somewhat regularly; reinforcing the notion that she was indeed his girlfriend on the side. Being the cheap bastard that he was, the police lieutenant began to take her to his home in Chesapeake Hills when his wife was out of town. Eventually, they took a trip together to Las Vegas where Lambert bought her the necklace with the heart shaped pendant. When he found it at his house he thought it was almost as if she wanted to get caught, which would leave him defamed and meant his marriage was over. Maybe she left it behind to taunt him.
Lambert remembered the last time he saw her and thought that he’d scared her enough to leave him alone. It was the last and final time he’d gone to Essence. However, this time he wasn’t there to get a lap dance. That night he parked his squad car down the street so Michelle wouldn’t recognize it. He crept over and broke into her car, climbed in the back seat, covered himself with a dark blanket, and waited for her to get off work. The security guard walked her over to her car and neither one of them suspected anything. After she was buckled in and the ignition was turned on, Lambert made his presence known. The first thing he said was, “Guess who?” Michelle gasped and he put his hand over her mouth and told her not to make a sound or he would take her straight down to the police station. He asked, “Where the hell is the five thousand dollar tennis bracelet I bought for my wife’s anniversary? I know you stole it.”
The week before the incident, Lambert had a huge fight with his wife because she suspected him of cheating. Valencia had a business meeting with some potential investors. The venture capitalists paid for her to come out to Los Angeles to talk about expanding her business in Orange County. He could not help himself and he had Michelle over to the house as soon as his wife was gone because he wanted to have sex with her one last time before it ended. She thought she had the cop wrapped around her little finger until she was given the news and she flipped out.
Lambert went to get her a drink and she went through his briefcase and found the tennis bracelet he’d bought for Valencia soon after their fight.
It took him a few days to realize the bracelet had been stolen and he knew the only person that could have done it was Michelle. Not only was she the only one with access to his belongings, but she was also the only one with a motive. When he came to the conclusion that he had to confront her, he figured the best way to do it was using scare tactics. That brought him to the back seat of her car where he made empty threats. Nonetheless, he didn’t anticipate her calling his bluff. After questioning her about the bracelet Michelle replied, “How about I go to your wife and give the present to her personally?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” he said angrily. “Oh I wouldn’t, would I? Push me and see how far I’ll go to ruin your life,” she said slyly.
“You know I have my gun on me. I’ll be happy to put a couple bullets in the back of your skull if you mess with me. Just gimme the bracelet and we can both move on with our lives.” The words were menacing.
“So first you dump me, then you break into my car, and now you’re threatening to kill me. I can’t believe I ever had feelings for you. You’re nothing but a shit stained pig. Now get the hell out of my car before I call the real police.” She pulled out her cell phone as she finished talking.
“Please, Michelle, if you care about me at all you’ll hand it over.” The inflection his voice changed and he started to plead, “I can pay you some more money next month.”
“I don’t want your money. I just wanted revenge for the way you treated me. I told you I wasn’t a prostitute, and besides, I don’t even have your bracelet here and it’s not at my place either.”
“Then we’re taking a ride to get it,” he said cocking his pistol in her ear to let her know he meant business.

Michelle stammered, “Okay, okay we’re going to get it. Just please put the gun away.” Lambert put his nine millimeter back in its holster and sighed, “Thank you and I’m sorry it had to be this way.” She drove the car forward and he sat back in his seat hoping things would work out in his favor. Without warning, she bailed from the driver’s seat and the car crashed into the strip club with a loud bang. He jumped out of the car and saw the security guard approaching him. Lambert yelled the first thing that came to mind, “Listen up, she offered to have sex with me for three hundred bucks. She’s been doing it for months now except this time she stole my wife’s five thousand dollar bracelet.”
Right as he was thinking about it everything hit him like a ton of bricks. Michelle must have seen me punching in the security code one of the times I took her to my house, he thought. The numbers three, eight, four, and one flashed through his head. We were always drunk out of our skulls by the time we got there and I was a little too careless for my own good. Shit, she probably cased the joint while I was passed out. Lambert smacked his forehead and gripped his heart. It was beating overtime for a man of his age. He’d be celebrating his fifty-third birthday next month and his last doctor’s visit didn’t go too well. Lambert decided that he would find Michelle on his own. She probably moved out of that shitty condo, he assumed.
Lambert checked into it right away and found that she had moved out of her condo, but stupidly left a forwarding address. He staked out her apartment for ten nights straight but she never showed up once, which had him worried that she might have skipped town. The old lieutenant only grew more persistent convinced that she’d turn up eventually. Finally, he decided to drop off an oversized box in front of her door to get the attention of the management, who may tell her to pick up her package.
Sure enough it worked. He watched the apartment the entire day, and by nightfall Michelle came driving up to the office to retrieve her mysterious package, which was empty except for a bunch of crumpled up news paper and a couple small logs. Without hesitation she took the bait, letting him know that she wasn’t even worried. Lambert followed the worried ex- stripper across town to Buena Vista Apartment Complex and watched her walk into unit fifty- two. He drove away with a smile on his face and slept well for the first time in almost two weeks.
On his way out of the police station the next day, Lambert told his closest friend and associate, Detective Ron Jenkins, that he had a lead on the case. Jenkins had become Lambert’s confidant over the years and knew about his affair with Michelle. Being that Jenkins was a devoted family man; he lived vicariously through his friends exploits, but never got close enough to tarnish his own unblemished reputation. This would all change that particular night at Piccolo’s, a corner bar where more than a few cops hung out on a regular basis. Lambert ordered a couple shots of bourbon and asked, “How long have we known each other Jenkins?”
“Too long. I remember when you still had all your hair,” he said and drank the shot. Lambert smiled grimly and asked, “You remember Michelle?” “Don’t tell me your screwing around with that stripper again?” said Jenkins with a sigh. “C’mon, I told you earlier I had a lead on the case,” Lambert remarked. “You don’t think...” Jenkins voice trailed off. “Yeah, and worse yet, I have to deal with it myself unless I want things coming out that could turn my life upside down. Now, you know I would never ask you to help me if I didn’t have any other choice, but I can’t do this alone.”

“Walt, I don’t know about this. Plus, you know I can’t get involved. My wife would kill me if she found out anything.”
“First off, you haven’t even heard me out. Second, I saved your damn life and I’ve never asked you for anything.” The memory of that ill fated night burst into Jenkins’ mind. A drugged out pimp pointing a gun at his head and Lambert sneaking up behind the oblivious bastard quiet as a mouse... Most of the time, that night seemed like a lifetime ago. But as he sat there ordering another beer at Piccolo’s, it seemed like it happened only yesterday. They were on patrol and picked up a call on the radio. It was a simple noise complaint that turned out to be more than he bargained for. The call took them to a rough part of town and Lambert had a bad feeling about it so he went around back while Jenkins knocked on the front door. He heard a man and woman yelling back and forth. Unexpectedly, the door flew open and a long haired man stood there holding a gun. A woman stood behind him with a bloody nose screaming out that he was a pimp and that he had a kilo of cocaine hidden in the back room. That was when things became grave.
“Now, will you at least hear me out?” asked Lambert, displeased. “I know what you did for me and I’m sorry. You’ve been a good friend. Just tell me what’s going on,” said Jenkins. Lambert began by telling him about the bracelet and the night at the strip club. “You saw what happened to my daughter Joyce right?” he asked.
Jenkins nodded and asked, “But how the hell did you know it was her?” “I found a broken necklace at my house that had to have been hers,” he said. “How could you be sure? It’s just a necklace,” replied Jenkins. “Because I bought the damn thing for her. She loved the stupid thing and wore it around everywhere. I figured she’d thrown it away after things ended. Not to mention, she was the only person who would have known where the key was hidden in the backyard. And this is the worst part of all, I think I let her see the pass code to the alarm system,” he said sullenly.
Jenkins stared at him, trying to think of something to say. Lambert continued, “I know it was stupid for me to ever get involved with her and if I could do it all over again I would. Dammit, I might even have been able to change the locks on the doors, upgrade my alarm system and forget about it if Joyce hadn’t been hurt. But now, that little bitch is going to pay.”

“What do you propose, Walt? We kill her and bury her in the woods? We’re cops; we have the law on our side. There’s no need to take it into our own hands,” Jenkins said adamantly.
“I just want to confront her and maybe scare the shit out of her and whoever she’s living with at that apartment complex. I don’t even care if I get any of my stuff back, but I’ll be damned
to hell if I don’t deal with this myself. We take her down to the station and it’s all going to come out. Valencia will leave me and my kids will never speak to me again, especially my little girl.”
“So that’s it, you just want to confront her? We’re not going in there to hurt anybody right?” he asked assertively. “No, no of course not, we’ll resolve this amicably.”
“Fine. When?”

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