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Exiled by Ryan and Niki Traynor Synopsis and Chapter 1

We had quite a few drafted images for our book, and this was one idea. It was never fully edited, just an idea...

The book was written by both my husband and I, several years ago. It is separated into two parts, the first part was mostly my husband's idea, and the second part was mostly mine. Then, we came together and edited the whole thing.

Here is the synopsis:

Noel Brighton had it all… or at least he thought he did. Before he knew what was coming, Noel was blindsided by betrayal, torn from his family and forced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. These unfortunate circumstances land him in an insidious place known as Pulaski Correctional Facility where he goes on to experience amazing supernatural events including exorcisms and the resurrection of his fellow inmate. Luckily, Noel received a massive inheritance, which allowed him to aid others and gave him the opportunity to transform Pulaski into a model prison system.

Meanwhile, his wife takes their daughter and moves across the country to start over in San Antonio. All the while, Lilith grows into a teenager completely unaware of who her father was or where he resides. Throughout the story, she is drawn to the occult, which begins when she uses the Ouija board for the first time. In her dreams, an evil entity lures the young girl and will stop at nothing to seduce her. She meets a few troublesome characters who only cause her to stray further towards the dark side only to wind up in worse trouble than she could ever imagine.



Chapter 1

“My life is my message.”- Gandhi 

April 23, 2012 The American justice system is anything but just. Life is anything but fair. And though the world isn’t evenhanded, it is perfection made whole and tangible. 

I once saw an old documentary about India when I was a teenager. The guy who made the movie believed the country was morally superior to its American counterpart for several reasons. He pointed out that most of their citizens did not have indoor plumbing, residential electricity, automobiles or high paying jobs. Despite all this, they were not obsessed with money, fame and success. The filmmaker went on to explain that India wasn’t bogged down with overcrowded prisons and mental facilities. Not to mention, the population wasn’t plagued with a high suicide rate and it did not suffer from intense drug addictions. Moreover, most of them weren’t obsessed with antidepressants, illicit sex practices, gambling, and work. 

As the years passed, I became jaded and questioned the validity of the director’s claims. Now...I’ll never know for sure if it was true or not. Maybe the criminals, murderers and rapists were able to get away with their crimes under negligent law enforcement. Maybe they were all drug addicts, gamblers and deviants. Maybe they were all depressed from living impoverished lives or maybe just maybe he was right. I suppose I’d never know for sure and the lack of reliable statistics would never prove one way or the other, so I just stopped worrying about it until I found myself locked away for the rest of my life.

At first, the American prison system seemed irrational, pointless and nothing more than a rotting cesspool. However, it does present inmates, such as me, priceless opportunities that the outside world could never hope to offer. I thought about India‘s culture, their way of life, and the clarification found in this unusual country only to realize that maybe the filmmaker was onto something. You see, when one is initially handed an abnormally long prison sentence, they will find themselves doomed to never have physical freedom ever again. They will inevitably die behind bars and barbed wire. 

I had been pronounced to hell on earth, which at the time, seemed like an eternity. Yet, with an open mind and a positive attitude, I was able to see the silver lining in a horrible situation. One morning, after almost a decade of suffering, I opened my eyes for what seemed like the first time, and realized I had a choice. Either let my depression consume me or accept my solitude and the abundance of time that could never be taken from me. I wasn’t distracted or preoccupied by a family I would never see again. I wasn’t diverted by a career that took up all of my time and energy. I wasn’t hypnotized by a world with an excess amount of overindulgence in every direction. I was given the chance to find God and consequently illumination and enlightenment. 

My name is Noel William Brighton and this was the beginning of my journey. 

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