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Exiled by Ryan and Niki Traynor Chapter 5

Hey guys! Back to read some more of our book? Thanks! If you're new to my blog or this particular story, you can visit all of the chapters right here. Please be warned, this is NOT a children's book. It is more of an adult paranormal read. Feel free to comment below if you like anything in particular or have any questions about what you've read so far!

Chapter 5

Over the past year, Freddy had developed quite the undercover addiction. During Cheyenne’s pregnancy, Noel had noticed an indescribable change in his friend, which had inadvertently led to their estrangement. Fred had always embraced his role as the quintessential party animal, doing lines of cocaine when the opportunity presented itself, smoking opium at shows, and even delving into the dark world of crystal meth. Thankfully, none of these things had ever been his drug of choice. He had only purchased cocaine twice and never even paid for the other indulgences. His biggest problem was smoking pot along with the booze, which was never anything he couldn’t handle with both arms tied behind his back. Freddy had sold weed on and off for the last few years, which Noel was well aware of, but it wasn’t really a big deal. It hadn’t ever been much more than a subsidy income and a way to keep one foot in the party scene. 

This all changed the day he met a young woman named Michelle Rosenburg. She was five and a half feet tall with long legs and medium length hair that was dyed platinum blonde. Ms. Rosenburg had brown eyes and dimples on her cheeks that hung on each side of her naturally red lips, which were usually covered in pink lipstick. Michelle’s skin was pretty bronzed from the tanning salons she visited on a regular basis. Her slightly crooked teeth were extraordinarily bright white from the dental strips she used every other month. 

She was a regular fixture at a nightclub called The Hotwire. This was a place where she encountered a number of men; many of the meetings ending in a one night stand. Her parents had gotten divorced before she could even remember and her mother ended up with a drunken, abusive boyfriend. Needless to say, Michelle’s dysfunctional home life had left her scarred and slightly traumatized. She hadn’t spoken to her mother in years and didn’t care if she ever saw her again. Filling a deep void with unhealthy, destructive actions had overtaken her life when she ran into Freddy at The Hotwire one cold and cloudy night. He took her home and they drank until they were both blacked out, so neither really had any idea what occurred until the remnants of the previous night painted a pretty substantial picture. A razor blade sat atop a small shaving mirror on the coffee table next to one last, left over dusty tan line. 

Freddy looked at the poor girl with smudged makeup and asked, “What happened last night?” 

She laughed and looked down at the shaving mirror saying, “Looks like we broke into my stash and had one hell of a night. She bent over the coffee table and picked up a ten dollar bill that had been rolled into a makeshift tube and retooled it back into something useful. She snorted the leftover powder and asked Freddy to hand her the black leather purse sitting on the light blue kitchen counter. He did so slowly and partially agitated that he couldn’t remember much of anything once they got back into his apartment and started in on an unopened bottle of spiced rum. He noticed it three quarters empty, next to his wrist watch on the same kitchen counter, and put it back into the cabinet from whence it came. 

Michelle dug through her purse, swearing as Freddy went into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of aspirin from the medicine cabinet above the sink. He came out to offer his guest a couple tablets and proceeded to grab a drinking glass. After filling it with tap water, he fumbled with the childproof cap and looked up to see Michelle unknotting a sandwich bag with her teeth filled with the same tan powder. 

Freddy remarked, “I guess I’d better ask what the hell that stuff is and more importantly, how much did I do last night?” 

“Calm down, Fred Flintstone. From the looks of things we only did a couple lines. No need to call an ambulance or check yourself into the emergency room,” she said sarcastically. 

“Ha ha ha,” Freddy responded in a retarded voice. Once again he became serious, “So what is it, Michelle? And stop playing games unless you want me to dish out a few lines of Ajax for you to put up your nose.” 

“It’s just a little heroin, nothing to get all uptight about. So, put the bottle of aspirin down, come here and have a seat. This will take the edge off our hangovers a hell of a lot better than a couple of those pills,” she said. Reluctantly, Freddy walked over to the couch and sat down. They chopped up a few lines of ‘brown’ and spent the rest of the day hanging out. 

It turned out Michelle actually held down a job at a well known establishment known as Essence. It was a strip club located off of highway 131. Michelle made pretty decent money and was able to afford payments at a condominium in a nice subdivision on the north side of town. She may have been a pole dancing junkie, but that didn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t balance a check book and make all her payments on time. She also had an excellent credit score and quite a bit of money saved in the bank. Her good looks and common sense allowed her to live a halfway decent lifestyle. 

Freddy knew he liked her more than he should, but always put up an ineffectual front of indifference toward her advances. Their relationship wouldn’t have lasted more than a month had they not had so much in common. Freddy grew up in a fairly distasteful household with a mother that had more than a few late night visitors. He had never met his father because the guy died in a boating accident when he was two years old. His mother never recovered from the loss, but gained a huge settlement from a grocery store where she was employed, which allowed her stop working altogether. She fell down six stairs and sustained permanent spinal injuries. This left her ample time to stay high on Prozac and Valium, neither of which kept her from going out to the bars. 

This was toppled with the fact that Michelle always had heroin on her. It was a drug Freddy swore to himself he would never even try, much less become addicted to. Despite that, there he was spending more and more time with her, using more and more of the devilishly delightful narcotic. Often times he would go to work telling himself that he was done with her and that he would never see her again. The day would wear on and as the sun rose, he couldn’t wait to pick her up from her job or go straight over to her condo, depending on if she worked that night. 

It was a painful cycle that went on aimlessly even though Freddy had met a nice woman named Caroline. She was employed at a stock broking firm known as Evans and Tomisak. Caroline was a beautiful young woman who actually began to take up much of Freddy’s time. Several times during the week they would spend the evenings together, but Caroline was an early riser and was expected in the office at seven a.m. Most of the time, Freddy would find what sounded like a legitimate reason not to spend the night, but his reasons were wearing thin and Caroline did not like to be disappointed. In the beginning, when he was done seeing Caroline for the night, he would sneak away and get together with Michelle to get high. This arrangement worked out well and Freddy thought of himself as a resourceful guy, balancing it all gracefully with work. However, Caroline’s fondness grew and it felt as if his juggling act had added too many flaming batons to handle. 

In the end, his addiction beat out any future he had with Caroline. The first time they broke up, they went out to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant called Florentine’s. Freddy wanted to make sure it happened in public so she couldn’t make a scene and try to chop his balls off. Nevertheless, he wound up at her place, a beautiful two-story house on the edge of town, with their relationship intact. He knew he would have to try again, but she was so persuasive and, though he hated to admit it, smarter than him. The next break up occurred after they’d gone to see a local band play cover songs from such ninety’s bands as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins. They had more than a few drinks and took a cab back to Freddy’s apartment. He was in the midst of breaking the news to her when she really did break down sobbing. He took his hand out of his right pocket where he held the money he was going to give the cabby to drive her to her own house and hugged her tight. She acted hysterical and he just wanted to put the fire out, so he rescinded his actions and went back to her place for the night. 

Caroline was aware that Freddy had the following day off work, so she phoned in sick and took him to a comedy club where one of his favorite comedians was going to perform. The routine was amazing and borderline illegal. While at the show, the headliner finished his set with a story. 

The comedian stood on stage under the glaring lights sweating profusely, “Last week I was with one of my best friends at a bar having a mediocre time. Alright, we were bored as hell, having a horrible time looking at the other people in the bar having an equally bad time. My buddy suggested we meet up with one of his... let me put this gently, whores, along with one of her friends. I said, ‘great, let’s go’. So, we headed over to her friend’s apartment and waited at the front door for them to arrive. We watched them walk up to the building from the parking lot and I noticed something subtle. She was being escorted by a dude. I laughed to myself, slapped my friend on the shoulder and suggested we leave. He was like ‘No way man, that’s her friend’ as they came within earshot of us. Not wanting to be impolite, I introduced myself. She said hello and introduced her friend Leslie... the man. I pulled my buddy to the side and said ‘This is her friend Leslie?’ He said ‘Yeah I kind of thought she was a girl too, but I also knew she hung out with a lot of gay guys.’ He was also quick to add in that there was free booze and pot waiting for me inside the apartment and since I wasn’t the one driving I decided to be a good sport, so my friend could be with his girl. We went inside, had a couple drinks, smoked a couple bong hits and then my friend took her into his bedroom after she fell off a chair drunk. It was quite romantic. So, there I was with Leslie sitting at the kitchen table and he asked me what I did last night. I was like, ‘You know, just hung out at home, watched some TV and went to bed early.’ We sat in silence for a minute and I asked, ‘What did you do last night?’ This was a mistake because his night had gone a tad bit different than mine. He replied casually, ‘Oh, I went to a gay bath house and had some fun with a couple men.’ He continued to describe in depth what it was like as if he was reading from a dull grocery list. My friend walked out of his bedroom before Leslie could continue telling me about his wild night, and we left. I said, ‘So, you just had sex in this guy’s bed huh?’ He said disgusted, ‘No way man I banged her in the shower, standing up in the bathroom.’ So the moral of this story is don’t ask a mysterious gay man what he did on Friday night unless you want a long graphic story involving sex with two dudes at a bath house. Also the moral is pimping ain’t easy. Oh, and also don’t drink and drive because you might spill your drink.” 

A woman in the audience who had a little too much to drink began yelling out absurd remarks. The sweaty comedian told her to shut up several times before finally calling her to the stage. While she provoked him, the guy took off his clothes and stood there on stage in his neon green underwear. One of the waiters handed him a bar napkin upon request, which he took, shoved it inside the front of his underwear, and then stuck it to her forehead. It was quite disgusting, but she was a good sport about it. After that he seemed to like her a lot and asked her out on a date. When the show was finally over, Caroline promised to prepare Freddy’s favorite meal, an offer he couldn’t resist. 

Michelle’s suspicions grew after this very night because he was supposed to pick her up from work the previous day, but never showed. She left half a dozen text messages and only got one response back. Even though she was genuinely pissed off, she forgave him on the spot the next night over some cocktails. That night, Michelle had a surprise for her boyfriend who looked as if he was going astray. Freddy had been feeling a slight bit dope sick and was really craving a hit. Michelle felt he had been conniving so she went to her dealer’s house that afternoon and picked some ‘grade A’ unadulterated heroin. 

Back at her condo, Michelle broke out her score and Freddy practically jumped out of his seat. “Gimme a line,” he said anxiously as she took the baggy out of her purse. She held up her index finger and wagged it back and forth in front of his face. 

“Where were you?” she asked. 

“I already told you I was at my mom’s house. You know she’s not doing well,” he lied, knowing full well she hadn’t a clue where his mother lived. 

“I just wish you would call me. You know I love you, don’t you?” she asked in a pathetic manner. Freddy stared at the plastic bag filled with drugs and knew he would say or do almost anything just to get a taste. His mouth salivated and he could feel beads of sweat dripping from his pores. His heart beat faster and faster at just the thought of getting his fix. “Relax baby, this isn’t what you think,” she said wide eyed. “What? What do you mean?” Freddy asked confused. Michelle glanced down at the coffee table and he noticed a couple objects that resembled ball point pens. On closer inspection, he noticed they were definitely were not ordinary everyday pens. “What are those?” 

Michelle looked nervous and said, “We’re gonna try something a little different tonight. Grab a spoon out of the kitchen and give me a lighter.” 

“Are those syringes? No, uh-uh. I may have become a junkie, but not that kind of junkie,” Freddy said watching Michelle walk into the kitchen and back out with a teaspoon. She bent back the top, loaded it with dope and cooked it with a lighter. Freddy pleaded, “Can’t we do a line instead? I mean c’mon I feel like shit right now and I need one little hit.” 

“Haven’t you seen Pulp Fiction? Don’t you remember when Uma Thurman stole John Travolta’s stash and snorted it cause she thought it was cocaine? Well this is like that. The only safe way to get a hit is with this,” she said holding a syringe in one hand and the spoon in the other. “Damn it, help me Freddy. Take off your belt and wrap it around my arm.” 

He did as instructed and then helped her load up the syringe. Next, he took the syringe and injected it into her right arm. The heroin coursed through her veins as she tilted back on the couch with a serene expression on her face. Her eyes closed and she looked like she was going to take a cat nap. Her pink colored eyelids fluttered and opened halfway, which was accompanied by a warm smile. Freddy lost control and put the belt around his arm. It looked like tree branches were busting through his vascular arms. The dope was cooked with uncanny speed and the other syringe was locked and loaded. Now came the moment of truth. He looked at his arm, frightened and then turned his head to look at Michelle. In the frenzy, she appeared to be content and blissful. The exact opposite of what he was feeling at that moment in time. He lifted the needle and took the plunge. 

The initial rush felt similar to the first giant drop on a large roller coaster, but then it was as if he floated on a cloud and nothing could touch him. He smiled and enjoyed the ride. Things would never be the same again. There was only one hitch; Caroline. Knowing that they didn’t have a future, Freddy stopped by her place to end the relationship, but somehow they ended up in her bed making absurd promises to one another. The following day he received a phone call from Noel after six months without hearing from him.

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