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Exiled by Ryan and Niki Traynor Chapter 3

(in case you are new to reading my book, I just want to warn you that there is a bit of foul language. Not a book meant for children.)

Chapter 3
“Now I’d love to tell you that I laughed in the guard’s face and told him to fuck off. Shit, I’d love to tell you that it didn’t really even hurt that much...” Noel looked at his friend Rudy Sampson, a tall skinny black man who was about the same age. His friend had a pock marked face from years of adolescent and adult acne mixed with small cysts. Rudy chuckled, shoved a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his mouth and chased it with a small child sized carton of 2% milk. Noel continued, “But let me tell you man, it hurt like hell, like you wouldn’t believe!” Rudy winced and swallowed another gulp of milk, finishing off the container and crumpled it with his long fingers.
“Man, I don’t even know what to think. The warden is one sick son of a bitch and I can’t believe the kind of things he gets away with. If you ask me, he deserves to be in here rotting with the rest of us,” exclaimed Rudy. “I also can’t believe they let you out of the medical wing after three days. No offense, but you really do look like shit.”
“Let me out? I was forced out!” he shrieked. “Alright, alright, calm down fool. You want to attract more attention to yourself?” asked Rudy.
“You think I left voluntarily with minor pain medication and a used wheelchair? What I would give for an adjustable hospitable bed and an IV hooked up to a morphine drip.” Noel shuddered, trying to block the fresh memory out of his mind as it bulldozed through his head like a freight train. Suddenly, he saw the guard wielding the large blue handled hammer. The warden’s sadistic henchman raised it in the air and brought it down in one swift motion. It landed directly on top of his left foot just above his middle toe. Bones cracked beneath the carpentry tool and sounded like crab legs in a nut cracker. Noel cried out in pain as curse words flew out his mouth in between muffled gibberish. He leaned on his other foot as his face pressed against the shields.

He remembered hearing one of them say, “The warden wanted us to smash your toes, but I talked him out of it. Mostly because I wasn’t sure there’d be anything left when we were done.” The others laughed sheepishly. Noel’s eyes welled up with tears.
As the first message trailed off into oblivion, he looked at the three guards sniffling up all his sadness in one deep breath. It circulated through his lungs where it entered his blood stream, processed through his whole body before flooding into his overactive brain and thrust its way into his derailed mind. The sadness transfigured into a deep dark rage, which shot out of him with the fury of a thousand hell hounds. “Fuck you! You sick pieces of shit. I hope you all rot in hell,” Noel growled with fiery anger.
“Hold him back,” the guard retorted, resulting in the prisoner being slammed full force into the wall. “So, you’ve got one helluva mouth on you ya scum sucking punk. Don’t ya?”
“Gimme all you got mother fuckers. You follow orders like scared dogs. I’ll bet you all don’t even know why you’re doing this to me.”
“The hell I don’t,” grunted the hammer wielding guard. “I’ve read your file. We all have, which is why we volunteered for this duty. Guys like you need to be broken to teach every prisoner in here not to fuck with the system. And I’ll break you in half if I believe it’ll save my men’s lives.”
“Don’t worry I’m gonna kill you the first chance I get even if it gets me the chair,” Noel whispered with a sick grin.
The hammer swung down on his other foot and the guards let him drop to the floor. Noel began to scream till his voice was hoarse. “You’re dead. You’re fucking dead,” he whispered
whimpering the last sentence as one uniformed boot made contact with his stomach and another landed on the back of his head. He wished to God it had knocked him out cold just like in the movies. But as one kick after another pummeled him without restraint, he grasped one thing; this was his punishment and it would be forced onto him come hell or high water. Just as he thought they were done one of them kicked him right in the face and it felt is if his eyeball had pounded into his skull with a slingshot. Blood poured from his brow as another kick landed on the lower part of his face. He spit something on the ground and vomited uncontrollably until there was nothing left to do but dry heave.
The good life was over. There would be no escape, no acquittal, and hope was all but lost. Suddenly, his mind caught up with the present and Rudy sat across the table snapping his fingers in Noel’s face. Rudy started in again, “Damn, they got you good. You’d probably need some plastic surgery if you were to ever see the other side of those prison gates.”

As Rudy rambled on, Noel looked at one of the windows to the left and watched a few rain drops cascade off the window pane as the grey clouds darkened over the noonday sun. The new prison didn’t have bars anywhere in sight it was completely covered in windows that were practically impenetrable. A forty pound bowling ball couldn’t make a single crack much less a chair or a baton. The incoming storm rolled in with ferocity and Noel stared out the window until he saw his reflection clear as day in the reinforced glass.

His right eyebrow had swollen so badly it looked as if a marble was lodged right into the top of it. The seven stitches below his brow looked ghastly. He clenched his teeth and opened up his lips a half inch to see the incisor tooth that was missing from his upper mandibles. Had he opened his mouth any wider, the deep cuts on his lips would loosen the scabs and begin a new painful stream of blood. His nose had been broken so badly it looked as if it had been twisted and bent to the side like a Looney Toons cartoon character, only he knew it wouldn’t pop back into place in the very next scene. The rain struck the window and Rudy nudged him as the cafeteria emptied and the guards cleared the area.

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